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Thursday, May 13, 2021

You Can Believe in Truth and Justice or You Can Be a Republican

Republican after Republican on Wednesday repeatedly sought to downplay the violence of the Jan. 6 insurrection, with one Georgia lawmaker likening the mobs overwhelming Capitol Police and vandalizing Capitol offices to a “normal tourist visit.”

Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) made the tourist comment, saying that calling what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 an insurrection “is a boldfaced lie.”

Because "normal tourists" beat the cops with blunt instruments, spray them with bear spray, rip off their badges, chase the cops through the halls, break windows to get into the Capitol, vandalize offices, smear excrement on the rugs, steal shit, erect gallows, and go hunting for politicians.

Republicans are lying and telling people that what they saw on their TVs on January 6th didn't happen.

You can be a loyal American or you can be a Republican traitor. You can't be both.

You can believe in truth, justice and the American way or you can be a follower of Cheeto Mussolini. You can't be both.

You can pledge allegiance to the United States or you can pledge allegiance to Traitor Potato. You can't do both.

You can take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States or you can follow the lies of Fox News, the rest of the Right Wing Noise Machine, Party of Q toadies and Louche-ifer. You can't do both.

On another note, if you believe that Joe Biden is responsible for the gas shortages in the Southeast, bless your heart. You really should seek professional help.


Tewshooz said...

We can't believe our lying eyes when we see leftists burn and loot cities, either. Eh, comrade?

Comrade Misfit said...

Ah, more “whatsboutism”. That tells me that you cannot address the point of the post. Or you won’t, because my point is accurate and you know it.

B said...

You can believe what the DNC types tell you.
Or you can know the truth.
You can't do both.

Your post is nearly as accurate as the reports of "mostly peaceful" rioters that were looting aburning.

Try again.

I notice you still ahvent retracted your invective about Officer Sicknic.

Once, pre-Trump, you were a truthful, honest person with a different viepoint who I respected. What happened to her??

Chief Squirrel said...

the chumpidiots are out in force here.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me 30,000+ times then I'm a chump supporter - a confederacy of dupes and dunces. Worse still, his loyal, blind cult uses his lies to form unsupportable, insane beliefs. They put on their blinders and blissfully ignore facts. Nothing is more idiotic than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Ignorance isn't ignorance to the ignorant.
Racism isn't racism to the racist.
Treason isn't treason to the traitor.
A cult isn't a cult to the cult. @RantingDubya

Comrade Misfit said...

B, you don't like what I choose to write about? That's your prerogative. But you do not get to dictate to me what I write about.

You don't pay me. I don't answer to you.

Comrade Misfit said...

Over 400 people charged so far. 2,000 charges, of which at least 600 are felonies. An active-duty Marine officer was just arrested and charged with felonies.

Dark Avenger said...

Was Jan 6th just a bit of an excited tour by good American patriots, B? That’s the RNC line, when they aren’t canceling their own like Cheney and Megan McCain.

Ten Bears said...

The only burning and looting going on were by the NAZIs, by the trumpsuckers.

You're either stupid, or liars.

B said...

Nope, I don't pay you. You've said that a few times.

Free Ice Cream and all that.

But I noticed you skipped the issue entirely.
Funny how that works. Hiding from the truth? (the Real truth, not the DNC memes you spout).

Glen Filthie said...

It’s a no-brainer, Cow Cunt! Get your gun out, bitch, because your mouth ran out of ammo long ago! 😂👍

DTWND said...

What is "Real truth"? Kinda redundant, isn't it?

To me, truth is what I see, with my own eyes, and hear with my own ears. I saw people carrying Trump flags, wearing MAGA apparel, storm the Capitol. I heard Trump say, "We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. I heard those that attacked the Capitol chant, "Hang Mike Pence." I heard those arrested soon afterward, claim they acted as Trump had urged them to, that they did so on his behalf.

I saw people who claimed to be Republicans, patriots, 'law-and-order' proponents, attack police, smash windows, trespass, vandalize the interior of the Capitol. I heard them say, "There has to be something here we can use." as they scrounged through the papers and portfolios of representatives.

You are still a lying liar, promoting an intendable position.


Dark Avenger said...

I wasn’t aware that the DNC created the clear videos and pictures of rioters in the Capitol Building, B. Who are we to believe, in the infamous joke by Richard Pryor: You or our lying eyes?

Comrade Misfit said...

Filthie, you are all hat and no cattle.

I am leaving your comment up merely to remind everyone what a misogynistic asshole that you appear to be.

Dan Kleiner said...

last time i checked, the "burnt-down" cities were ALL still there. new york? check. seattle? check. portland? check.

give me a fucking break.

Brian said...

Whataboutism: Tewshooz

Ad hominem attack: B

Serious posters with rational counter-arguments: 0

There. Is. Video. Of. What. Happened. At. The. Capitol. On. January. 6th.

You cannot gaslight it, you cannot deny it, you cannot wish it away because "it was four months ago" like Meghan McCain recently tried to do.

If you can't defend your argumentative position with rational arguments and must resort to rhetorical tricks, *maybe you should abandon your position because it's simply wrong*.

Trump supporters have no possible rational defense for the January 6th insurrection: Invaders carried the flag of a traitorous rebellion through our nation's capitol building. The insurrectionists chanted "Death to Mike Pence". They erected a gallows on the lawn. They smeared feces on the walls. LEOs DIED.

Stop, just stop. You're simply pathetic, those of you who try in any way to defend the January 6th insurrection.


B said...

Brian: LEO's DIED from heart attacks, not from riots. See the link I posted in the comments earlier. I know the DNC and the MEdia (but I repeat myself) fed you meme that says otherwise, but that is what happened...Hence the bit about the TRUTH. THe whole story that Officer Sicknik was killed by the protestors was a LIE, and they knew it from the get-go....and some of you still believe it even when fed proof otherwise. Lots of other lies about the protestors at the Capitol, but you want to believe so you buy the half truths and outright lies.

Why is it that the FBI and other LEOs can track all the Capitol protestors, but not the folks who burnt and looted parts of the cities during thr BLM riots and who invaded and damaged Federal courthouses and police stations last summer?
Or do you feel that there should be different standards for Liberal protests vs COnservative protestors?

Ten Bears: How much looting and Burning took place at the Capitol? Feel free to provide links.

Comrade Misfit said...

I’ve had enough of this shit. I am royally sick of Wingnut Seditionists who see nothing wrong with Trump sending a mob to stop the certification of a free and fair election as a desperate attempt to hold on to power.

If you backed that, you are a traitor to the Constitution. You are not loyal to this nation. You should be shunned by those who are. You should be pelted with rotten fruit if you dare appear in public. Your children should be given free name changes when they reach the age of majority. Your graves should be marked “Here Lies a Traitor, Known Only to Satan.”

I am sick of it.

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