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Monday, May 24, 2021

Polling Proves That a Majority of Republicans Are, In Fact, Insane

53% of Republicans think Donald Trump is the actual President, not Joe Biden.

Let that percolate for a moment.

A majority of Republicans believe something that is objectively not true. That is insane. They are crazy. That's not hyperbole, they are actually nuttier than a boxcar of almonds.

I don't know how we can function as an adult society when over half of the adherents of one of the political parties are batshit lunatics.


Ten Bears said...

Uhhmmm ... religion

Eck! said...

TB, That is not religion, that is a cult.
Likely the clearest sign of one too.

As to getting though the day I'e seen enough people with little
to no critical thinking skills get from point a to be with
their clothes on and not hurting themselves. But anything
more complex than opening a door or beer requires a utube


Tod Germanica said...

Yes, and they chose their insanity too. Not a kooky, funny one like an imaginary rabbit friend but instead they chose murderous, racist nazism as their kink. It was an easy choice if you are personally vile because the nazis perfected the demonizing of the weak prior to their extermination. You start with the Big Lie and you flood the zone with lies every day. Q-anon, their imaginary leader, is nothing more than 19th century racist forgeries (Protocols of the Elders of Zion) supplied by trump's boss and creditor Vlad Putin. This mess of crackpot lies is especially easy for the weak minded to believe in the USA with our fatally flawed slaver friendly origins and constitution. Combine this with white panic as minorities become the majority and racist white people (historically around 35-45% of US white citizens and voters have always been profoundly bigoted, and not just in the former confederate treasonous states) fear they will be treated as they always treated US minorties. They chose trump and nazism because they are vile rascists. You really need to turn off your critical thinking and go along with your chosen cult to believe such obvious lies but the Trumpites can believe fifteen absurd and wicked Trumpite lies before breakfast. Because they want to.

gray fox said...

Right Wing Watch has an endless parade of videos of "prophets" of God reassuring the faithful that Trump is indeed still President in the eyes of God, and God is going to step in and fix things up any day now. One example, of many:

Nebris said...

I wonder how many of them truly believe that and how many are just saying that to 'own the libs'?

gray fox said...

I don't think they're doing it to own the libs -- their audience is the Evangelicals who think that Trump was anointed by God and that God is going to Make Things Right any day now; just you wait and see. If their aim were to trigger the libs, they're failing miserably, as probably not one liberal in a hundred has heard of any of them. I myself recognize a small number of them, but only because I'm a longtime connoisseur of all things crackpot.