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Monday, May 24, 2021

Did You Criticize the 2020 Census Online?

If you did, a bunch of Constitution-shredding spooks in the Department of Commerce called the Investigations and Threat Management Service probably opened a file on you. When they weren't busily racially profiling Commerce Department workers, they were scouring social media in seach of people who were critical of the Census.

The Washington Post has the story: "In one instance, the unit opened a case on a 68-year-old retiree in Florida who tweeted that the census, which is run by the Commerce Department, would be manipulated “to benefit the Trump Party!” records show." That retiree made his comments on Twitter; he had under 100 followers.

ITMS came to the attention of a Trump appointee, who was working to shut them down, except that he quit after the Insurrection. In March, Biden Administration ordered ITMS to stop all ciminal investigations (which they had no authority to conduct) and ordered them to cease all activities after the Post asked for interviews. The abuses of authority of ITMS have sparked critical interest by legilators from both parties.

The whole operation seems to be the diseased brainchild of one career Federal employee. That goon sent copies of critical social media posts on the Census to the FBI, which told him that maybe he ought to take a referesher course in freedom of speech.

Said goon probably deserves to be at a Federal guest house for awhile. If they can't convict him or fire him, they can at least transfer him to working the trash pickup detail at a remote Federal park.


Eck! said...

I hear Idak Alaska is lovely in the winter.


montag said...

"the diseased brainchild of one career Federal employee"

Wasn't that how the FBI began under J. Edgar

Ten Bears said...

Over 80 there yesterday, while South Shore and the Islands barely made 70

Eck! said...

TB grew up on the island and its not the heat that gets
you there its humidity...

I feel soggy thinking about it.