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Monday, May 17, 2021

1/6/21: Never Forget

Yep, just your average, everyday, well-behaved tour group. And if you believe that, then you've drunk deeply of the Trumpist Kool-aid. Like this imbecile.

Also, this.


dinthebeast said...

Thank you for this. The denial and revision of this event is making my blood boil.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

Now Cap'n, you know there's gonna' be a commission, to spend a couple years further confusing the issue before sweeping it under a rug, like the Hamilton Commission (“9/11”), and the Warren Commission (JFK). A cover-up, no one responsible will be held responsible.

The damned fools that got sucked into the dirt-work, to say the least, are going to jail, their lives forever ... changed. I'm pretty ambivalent about that: on the one hand, where I come from when you buy the ticket you take the ride. On the other they're damned fools, that got sucked into it. Bothered that if I pulled a stunt like that I'd be dead.

If we drop enough bombs on Palestine no one will notice ...

Tod Germanica said...

The panel or commission is already being pre-hamstrung by McCarthy and his fellow GQP Russia treason tools. It will be limited to end before the midterms and salted with deadend trumpites. I don't see or hear anything about the treasonous 'tour guide' reps and senators that helped the insurrectionists with recconasense. Why not, surely there are surveillance videos. Another Mueller report.

w3ski said...

The court system already has a bunch of those normal visitors locked up and awaiting trial. If there are convictions I wonder how the nothing happened crowd will handle that? After all, there is video evidence of these "people" and I use that term loosely with them, stomping cops and breaking windows and barricades. Can they make that go away too?
Then of course there was the woman that got shot at the door. She's going to be a bit hard to portray as just a visitor too.
The short-term memory of this country is an appalling thing to see in action.

Labrys said...

Maybe we need our own American version of guy Fawkes night? To commemorate our own event of “treason and plot” and to keep the Trump/GOP shame alive?

DTWND said...

I guess we’ve all been doing the tourism thing incorrectly. Instead of taking a picnic lunch to the zoo, grab your rifle. How about taking some spray paint to the art museum, just to add some color. Rather than visiting Freedom Hall in Philadelphia with a camera, take a crow bar. Appalachian Trail, take a shovel to smooth out the path. And if ANY security guard, officer, or authority figure question your intentions? To paraphrase: you better fight like hell or you won’t have these places to visit anymore.

What a bunch of ignorant subversives.


Stewart Dean said...

Seeing (yet again) the clown with CSA battle flag, I couldn't help but think how Robert E. Lee would have liked to made there and sent everyone in the Union government to the gibbet. Nah, not treason, just clean patriotic fun.
What's needed is a Clockwork Orange Civics behavioral modification program for all these yahoos. Nothing else would work.The density of whatever (if anything) is between their ears approaches the density of a neutron star. Like the 1/6 guy that was arraigned, let off on bail, forbidden the use of firearms....and just recently shot a mountain lion....promptly posting pictures and his brag on Facebook. Look at me, I'm Stupid!

Eck! said...

We already have Guy Fawlks day and it 01062021..

Both attempts were failures...

With pictures, thousands of them claiming fake is
likely but jst one more lie from the usual suspects.

THe usual tools should arrive in 4. 3. 2. 1...


Comrade Misfit said...

I'm trying to think of an appropriate first few lines

Line 1
Line 2
The Trumpist Sedition and Plot
I see no reason
Why Donald Trump's Treason
ShouldeVer be Forgot.

seafury said...

All I see is a bunch of coomunistic socialist antifa terrorists who stole trumped signs from law abiding citizens

Ten Bears said...

Linked this ...

Dark Avenger said...

B’ s question about why there weren’t as many antifada arrests compared to the Insurecctionists overlooks the fact that many of the former masked themselves or otherwise had operational security so they would be hard to track. The latter, OTOH, not only were unmaksked, but they took selfies, boasted to others about their exploits, and in general made things easier for the Feds to track them down and arrest them.

Comrade Misfit said...

DA, the 1/6 Seditionists had drunk Trump's Kool-Aid. They thought that they could overturn the results of the election, keep Trump in power and that he would ensure that they were protected from prosecution.

Didn't quite work out that way.

The ones who were identified were hoping for pardons before Trump scuttled off to Mar-a-Lago. But, as Rudy is finding out, Trump doesn't pay for failure.

Eck! said...

For those that keep saying it was Anitifa... please provide
pictures of them, you can circle them.

Once you do that provide support such as an ID and arrest proof that
does not point to the already known DrumpF supporters organizations
[nazis, White supremacist, Proud boys, Happy fun America, threepers,
oath keepers].

Oh right, the kiddie punch drinkers don't have to support facts because..
everyone knows... and repeats... Propaganda.