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Monday, May 31, 2021

Tennesee Assholes

The owner of the store tried to play the "I'm the real victim, here" card.

But then she backwatered and apologized.

“In NO WAY did I intend to trivialize the Star of David or disrespect what happened to millions of people. That is not who I am & what I stand for,” Gaskins wrote. “My intent was not to exploit or make a profit. My hope was to share my genuine concern & fear, and to do all that I can to make sure that nothing like that ever happens again. I sincerely apologize for any insensitivity.”

I call bullshit. The motive was to make a profit, whether or not she believed what she was spouting. She was happily playing the victim/cancel culture card until some of the companies whose products she sold decided they didn't want any part of this shit.

But it seems that what she did was in keeping with her conduct:
So what we have here is a businesswoman who was happy to spread hate and fascism until it started to cost her real money. Then, all of a sudden, she discovers that maybe she shouldn't be trying to make a buck off of the Holocaust in service of her Orange Master. But you can bet that she'll be privately complaining to her QAnon buddies until the day she lies down for her dirt nap.


seafury said...

I'd be curious how many were sold . and how many "real muricans" are going to be supporting her. sigh

DTWND said...

Long ago, in a America far away...

Actions have consequences, but some people seem to have skipped that part of civics class back in school. (Do they even teach that anymore?). Next you’ll hear from the right about the Companies trying to influence culture by refusing to sell to her.


Tod Germanica said...

Bet she has the overwhelming support of her church, friends and online 'community'. She'll do fine, probably 35-45% of US voters agree with her. The racism and desire to hurt and murder is baked in.

Ten Bears said...

She's got the right idea, just the wrong approach: armbands. The unvaccinated should be required to wear yellow armbands with a pink "T". No armband, no proof of vaccination, send them to the camps. The education camps. Can't send them to re-education camps.

dinthebeast said...

Jason Isbell on Twitter called them "Ugly-ass hats for ugly asshats."

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Dark Avenger said...

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

w3ski said...

"Hats off" to Stetson for calling this creep out.

Eck! said...

She did get the Vax... the one that confers immunity to
decency, reality, facts, and history as an inconvenient

Like said earlier, reeducation is not possible, without
an existing education.

The stupid is strong with that one.