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Sunday, May 2, 2021

He Was Greeted by a Chorus of Angels Singing: "You Dumb Shit!"

A Kenyan doctor who became a vociferous opponent of Covid-19 vaccines has succumbed to the virus, weeks after saying the jabs were "totally unnecessary".

Dr Stephen Karanja, chairman of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, advocated steam inhalation and hydroxychloroquine tablets.

And then, presumably, he was tossed into an express elevator down to the landing for the Styx River Ferry.


BadTux said...

Sometimes the trash takes itself out.

w3ski said...

Whatever happened with tRump's witch doctor? Her 15 minutes of fame were over awfully fast. I wonder who she is ripping off now.

Ten Bears said...

You know, ski, witch doctors might take offense to that ...

As an Old Logger I of course prefer that of the oldest english "Man of the Woods", vizz - aard

Eck! said...

A few short words for the deceased and others like him.

When your actions result in harm or death to others
we can rely on karma to balance for it.

Lacking that murphy does a good job too.


BadTux said...

Eck!, I'll believe that when Dick fucking Cheney has karma balance things out for him.

Hasn't happened. Closest is that his daughter Mary came out as gay, but Dick didn't give a shit about gay anyhow, so that wasn't really "karma" for him. Neither was his shriveled diseased blackened heart being extracted and replaced, many of us were surprised to find out he had a heart in the first place, but that was only a momentary setback for him. Dick is eighty fucking years old now, and he's going to die of old age despite all the war crimes and shit that he did. That's how karma *usually* works in real life -- i.e., it doesn't. SIGH.

Badtux the un-Karma Penguin

Eck! said...


Can't argue that hes outlived what should have been
a short an painful life. Then again suffering on
his part is still not out of the realm of possible.

However, for my own piece of mind it isn't over yet
for him so karma has to do for me, as his next life
lies in the balance. Its a long term thing. Others
of differing religions would assign him to hell
when he dies.

For the dead fool in Kenya we have science to help
us. If we don't lie about it, or to it, then it
will tell us truth and maybe save our lives.


-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Angels would nva say those bad wurdz, dear.
Follow us Upstairs where you'll hear nomo
bad wurdz:
♡ ♡
Love you.
Cya soon.

Comrade Misfit said...

You know what angels would say, how? Be specific.

(I may regetteth this, cometh the dawne.)

Dark Avenger said...

TB, the proper term is “a cunning man”, at least for now. In every clime and time, there have been practitioners whose lineage predates Babylon, if not the so-called Neolithic Period of our existence.

Lady M said...

It is hard to have sympathy for people who are so stubborn that they would put their life at risk. People who refuse to get vaccinated are just asking to get this disease.