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Friday, May 7, 2021

More Bullshit From QAnon TV

Anyone who claims that CheetoJesus is a religious man is either a bold liar or is dumber than a bag of potting soil.

The Wannabee Tangerine Fuhrer would proclaim himself to be a follower of Lucifer if it would win him more votes than his cynical Christianity.


Ten Bears said...

Could add to that:
Bill of Rights, references to (((God))), 0
Declaration of Independence, references to (((God))), 0

It's all a long con. Five, possibly eight, maybe even ten thousand years ago the cults of male domination usurped the woman's rightful place in the proper ordering of the world and all that follows: War, government, taxes, The Church, pornography, child molestation, race-isms, The Church, pornography, child molestation, War, government, taxes ... serves naught but to enforce, and reinforce, that domination. Till we burn the churches, burn the banks and burn the bars, well, it isn't necessarily The Way but the way of it.

Did I satisfactorily connect The Church, child molestation, and pornography?

MarkS said...

Is name -checking god now the standard? JFC (kind of a name-check), if that's where we're at (and I think the evidence is conclusive that that IS where we're at) then I think we've taken up residence on the dark side of the Xtian moon. The bright side being to attempt , however imperfectly, to emulate the life of the prophet.

Eck! said...

Apply the first rule for Q, every day is opposite day,

The sames were switches as were the dates.

I've found that Q statements like that are usually correct
if applied to the correct persons usually the opposing
one to the one called out.

They are usually wrong 100%, or if correctly attributed
to the right wing, 100% correct.

The problem is if we used the one that has them close
all the time its the right wing we are talking about
complete with deepstate (people not in government but
trying to be it) lizards (dinosaur GQP).

Other name is.... Losers, with a big L!


Stewart Dean said...

More Flags, more Crosses!!
You know, there's a reason Judaism and Jesus talk about idolatry and graven images....because it's too easy to cover yourself with stickers to prove how special and committed you are. The Biblical phrase is 'Whited sepulchre'

Tod Germanica said...

It is that simple. More god references mean more religion. Patriotism consists of a US flag pin in your lapel.

dan gerene said...

Some people are saying T***p is the most religious and patriotic because he has a picture of God carrying the American flag tattooed on his posterior. It might be only an unverifiable internet rumor though. His sycophants aren't talking.

Chief Squirrel said...

back in 2018... Mike Luckovich created this 'toon... evangelicals & chump... (this is a link)