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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Cheney; Liz

I'm sort of torn about Cheney making a stand for truth and reality in the Party of Trumpism. She is right to do so, for her party will not long survive as a cult of personality worshipping Cheeto Jesus.

On the other hand, my recollection is that Cheney has not exactly been a beacon of truth and justice in the past. She was onboard with the racist birtherism that many in the party, including CheetoMan, were pushing. She's also a ong-standing member of the Better Diplomacy Through Bombing wing of the party, which includes her soul-blasted father and Bombsie Bolton. She rejected her sister's marriage to another woman, nakedly putting politics over family (something even her dad wouldn't do).

But we are in a two-party system. It's not healthy if one of those parties has become a cult of personality and has forcefully rejected the notion of having free and fair elections. Cheney's one of the few Republicans trying to drag her party back from the precipice of dictatorship. I wish her well at that, but make no mistake, if she succeeds at a great price, I'm good with that.


Tod Germanica said...

Don't mess with Liz, her dad will shoot you in the face. But that's only for friends. No telling what Dick Dad will do to enemies.
Trump's popularity in the GQP is only slowly dropping despite him losing the presidency, the House and the Senate for the party. Absolutely no losing candidate or president has maintained party control after a decisive electoral loss.
OTOH no candidate or president has tried an attempted 'auto golpe' coup combined with treason with our country's main opponent, if not enemy at this point with Vlad's cyber war attacks on the US.
Only recently has GQP loyalty slowly shifted back to the party instead of to the coup plotter. It's roughly 50% at this point. Because it is no longer a political party. It's a cult controlled by Russia. Will the party eventually break free of trump and his controller Putin and show loyalty to democracy and the US? Or will it go the way of the Whigs and the Know Nothings? It looks right now as if party is ready for some special lime Kool-aid and a nice dirt nap. You hate to see it.

Ten Bears said...

As ever I caution against counting chickens, or writing Liz’s obit. Darth Cheney and the Deep State are a formidable resource.

‘Course if daddy doesn’t shoot someone in the face, if a few retards’ (look it up) careers don't inexplicitly and rather suddenly end, well, I may have egg on my face. Maybe Darth isn’t Deep State. Maybe Deep State, a cabal of Greedy Old Pigs (GOP) secretly running things is just myth. That's a lot of maybes, too many for me to ignore.

1) I am on the edge of my seat … and
2) I sure am glad I'm not one of those shit-talking Princess Lia right now.

dinthebeast said...

We have gone a long way down the shitter when Liz Cheney has become the voice of reason.
No, I take that back, "we" haven't gone anywhere, and my political party has been acting refreshingly sane and boring as of late.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Frank Wilhoit said...

It's not a personality cult, it's a personality disorder. The emotional drivers to "reject reality and substitute their own" (h/t Adam Savage) have nothing specifically to do with Trump. They identify with his sadistic infantility, but it is an identification of convenience. Nothing will change when Trump is removed from the scene, be that 2023, or 2043, or the small hours of tomorrow morning. They will always need an alternate reality and while they will usually be willing to consider the advantages of adopting one ready-made, sparing them the trouble of inventing their own, it is really very little trouble.

What this means is that they will have to be re-educated -- which they will resist as the ultimate existential threat -- or sequestered. "Sequestration" there is not a euphemism; it is simply a placeholder for some action or set of actions that will have to be improvised, for lack of either any precedent or any meaningful ability to follow precedent if there were one. They're busking as hard as they can: so will we have to, once we finally realize that we have to do something.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

This is the game you are in

Ten Bears said...

For those not paying attention, or with nothing better to do at four in the morn, broken down for easy reading, that is from "Klan ten service telefoon nummer" (Klantenservicetelefoonnummer) dot mystrikingly dot com.

It's interesting to sdee what's there, but not that interesting ...

Comrade Misfit said...

TB, I deleted that shit. It was spam.