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Monday, May 3, 2021

Voter Fraud!

A Pennsylvanian Trumpanzee applied for and got ballots in the name of his dead mother.

Funny how a lot of these provable cases of voter fraud seem to always be about Republicans in the role of defendants.


dinthebeast said...

From Carl Newman's Twitter feed:

Ari Berman
Bruce Bartman, white guy in PA who illegally voted for Trump on behalf of his dead mother, gets 5 years probation

Crystal Mason, black woman in TX who voted on supervised release when she didn't know she was ineligible, gets 5 years in prison

Two justice systems in America

-Doug in Sugar Pine

DTWND said...

Yep, voter fraud. A stolen election. Tampering and manipulation. -snap- I Know! Let's enact some laws that will limit voting sites, curtail the hours the people can vote, put restraints on absentee ballots, and put a stop to all those groups that transport people to the polls. THAT'll put an end to all this unfairness!

You're welcome.


Eck! said...

I was expecting to see from the RQP cult those people were antifa
posing and rethugs.

Everytime a RQP cult person speaks I remember it must be opposite
day and they are talking about them selves.


Tod Germanica said...

Nailed it. It is the GQPP (Grifting Q-anon Projection Party. It is always Pee Wee Herman reasoning with these traitors, 'I know you are but what am I?'. So far every accusation (Putin supplied and enabled) against Democrats; vote fraud, treasonous foreign aid from our enemies, child molestation, encouraging mob violence, has been shown so far to be actually done by Republicans. 'Stop the Steal, Rudy's working for the Russians, Matt Gaetz, Gym Jordan. And what's the other crime that the 'democrat party' does? Oh, right, cannibalism. Is that the next GQPP accusation to bounce back? We find out Quesay and Uday like to shoot not only elephants but the occasional tasty homeless person? Look for it.