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Monday, May 31, 2021

This Should Not Be Memorial Day

(My usual rant, going back a dozen years.)

I know, I know. I beat this subject like a rented mule, every year. Actually, twice, on every year where the holiday of Memorial Day doesn't fall on the 30th. Maybe you're tired of it.

Too fucking bad.

We're losing the veterans of World War Two at a great clip. Those men and women were everywhere when I was a child. Now they're becoming as rare as veterans of the Spanish-American War were back then. The Korean War vets are not far behind them

When the last veteran of each war dies, please, let's not turn our backs on honoring them the way that fucking John Boehner did for the veterans of the Great War. But we will, if either the Majority Leader of the Senate or the Speaker of the House is as much of a worthless pissant as Boehner was.

Meanwhile, if you're doing any of the holiday shit today, spare a thought for those who paid the price so that you could.

And if you own a business that is holding a Memorial Day Sale, you know what you can go do with a rolling doughnut.


Ten Bears said...

I'm guessing they'll skip 'Nam, jump right to St Ronald of Ray Gun's invasion of Grenada.

B said...

Preach it, Sister.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, I shall continue to. Every year, so long as I'm blogging.