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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Christian Taliban Gets a Free Pass on Child Abuse in Missouri

The Children's Division in the state of Missouri used a statutory excuse to close its eyes to rampant child abuse at a Christian-themed school. It had been going on for fourteen years, or more, and the social workers just turned their backs.

In hearings, the legislators asked the agency head if it was agency policy that legislators were to receive reports on agency problems only from reading it in the newspapers. The agency head denied that there was a policy of retaliation against social workers who talked to legislators.

This all came to light because kids who had aged out of the system were telling their stories on TikTok. There were almost twenty complaints about the school made to various authorities, who did nothing until it hit the press. The operator of the so-called school closed his operation in Washington and opened one in Missouri sixteen years ago specifically because he was trying to escape being regulated.

Now, the operators are probably going to prison for a very long time. And so should those who turned their backs on those kids.

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