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Monday, May 10, 2021

Just Going to Leave These Here

(This post was previously scheduled.)


Jones, Jon Jones said...

Isn't the joke that reverse is in the wrong place???

Eck! said...

and in braille.


Ike said...

Brail for the blind. Driver

Iron City said...

Not for a Volkswagen, Jon

Tim said...

So, self-driving or not self-driving?

Glenn Kelley said...

Braille on the ATM at the drive through bank .

Ten Bears said...

Back in the day, I had to take a "sensitivity" class for that one.

Comrade Misfit said...

Glenn, the braille on the ATM is because it’s cheaper to make just one style of keypad.

dan gerene said...

A few years ago I noticed the signs for the johns in a Michigan freeway rest stop were in print and in braille. So I wondered how did the people who needed braille get there and did they have to feel their way to the john.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

"the braille on the ATM is because it’s cheaper to make just one style of keypad."

If you know the keypad entry sequence, you can still get your $100 even if the screen lost horizontal hold. Let your fingers do the walking and trust your instincts. Not all blind people are completely blind.