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Monday, April 19, 2021

Extra-Terrestrial Whopita-Whopita

Congrats to NASA and JPL!

(Video when I have time to find it.)


Ten Bears said...

Achieve remote controlled powered flight beyond Earth!

How can some day's you can be so damned proud, others ... ?

Comrade Misfit said...

I believe that Rev. Abernathy had much the same feelings when he watched the launch of Apollo 11.

gray fox said...

One CBS television personality pronounced it like ingénue.

Ten Bears said...

I'm not sure but what that's the first time it's been suggested I were naïve. LOL

I've never understood that ~ I witnessed the moon landings, witnessed John Glenn's first trip ~ what we were what we are doing is far from naïve, or innocent. Maybe, if we take a page from my logging days: we didn't really know any better, and hook it in with whatshisname's (Oppenhiemer?) "I am Death, Destroyer of Worlds" we don't know what we're messin' with schtick ok maybe, maybe naïve, but far from "innocent".

This thin layer of potentially toxic gasses we live in enveloping the only ball of rock we know of we can live on is growing ever more toxic. We don't have much time.