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Saturday, April 10, 2021

First Rounds Downrange

out of a Model 14 that I bought last year:
I really had intended to shoot it before now. But as the pandemic[1] took hold, I felt uncomfortable going to an indoor range. Not with the range itself, mind you, those places have good airflow. But being in the anteroom, where there can sometimes be lots of people, that could be disquieting. The nearest outdoor range is an hour or so away, which means that it's a half-day project to go for a range session.[2] While I have done dry-firing, those were the first live rounds I've loosed in over a year.

Since I had no idea how the sights were aligned, I shot the first rounds at ten yards. I guessed that the gun was probably set for a dead-on hold and I was right.

I was shooting W-W White Box range ammo. The range sells it for $38 or so for a box of fifty. I brought the stuff I shot from Wal-Mart when they were running clearance sales to get rid of evil handgun ammunition.[3],[4] The Wal-Mart price worked out to being less than 25% of what range ammo is going for nowadays. Still, I was pretty parsimonious with my shooting. But it was fun to finally get out and bust some caps. Even the cleaning didn't seem too bad.
1. AKA the Trump Flu.
2. For many years, when I had an airplane, it was at an airport that was a 45-minute drive away. A routine flight chewed up a good part of a day. So yes, I'm done with that shit.
3. Between the state deciding that they know what's best for trans kids (not the doctors, not the parents) and being the global headquarters for Wal-mart, there's much to despise about Arkansas.
4. I bought all that I could carry. When I got a shopping cart and went back for the rest, it had been sold.


Tod Germanica said...

Yeah I got uneasy at the local cannabis shop in Sacramento, everybody in a small room with no airflow huffing reefer flowers, even though I'm vaccinated. And since gun ranges attract a high percentage of RWNJs I'm betting face masks were scarce but with lots of talk about the 'China Virus' and the glory of TFG. Just guessing.
That Model 14 is super. I once owned a Hong Kong police Model 10, daddy to the 14. Finest possible trigger action double or single action. Kind of wish I hadn't sold it except my tinnitus prevents me shooting (Field Artillery, Vietnam). And it made a shirttail relative happy to buy it. Hell of an one-time ammo deal at Walmart you got!

re the paragon said...

Nice group. It'll do.