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Monday, April 26, 2021

Two Hundred Million

President Joe Biden hit his goal 200 million vaccinations in his first 100 days Thursday.

It wasn't a stretch: The country hit the goal with seven days to spare, and according to an NBC News analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures, from the day Biden announced his new 200 million goal, the country was on a pace to reach that goal.

When the goal of 100 million shots in 100 days was first announced, people I knew thought it was too ambitions. Turns ouot, it wasn't, not by a long shot.

Now, we have to deal with vaccine hesitancy. Part of that could have been negated if The Orange Seditionist had pubicly been vaccinated when he and his Future Ex-Wife got their shots in January, but being vaccinated on camera would have been a selfless act, so naturally, he refused to do it. That might have convinced millions of his supporters to be vaccinated, but as we all whould know by now, The Tiki-Torch Twitler doesn't give a shit about anyone other than some of of his family.

I am of two minds on this. We're not going to reach herd immunity if tens of millions of morons won't get their vaccines. They may be the incubators for newer and more virulent variants. On the other hand, if a person who refuses to get the vaccine then gets sick and dies, that falls into the bin of personal responsibility.


w3ski said...

A disease soon to be associated mostly within a political party. I've read a lot of science fiction but I'm not sure I ever saw this coming.
On the one hand, does the party of no, actually, have anything to offer in our modern world? They have no platform and they offer no solutions. They were dying out on their own from old age and bitterness and irrelevance won't this plague just bring that about sooner? I don't wish a plague death upon anyone, but as you said "personal responsibility".
This could be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for our country.
And, I only say this with a little bit of my tongue in my cheek.

dinthebeast said...

I saw it on Twitter yesterday: "Coming this summer: The Republican variant."
It looks like we're going to get the J&J shot on Friday. I'm not worried about blood clots, I take a baby aspirin every morning anyway with my hypertension medicine.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

"On the other hand, if a person who refuses to get the vaccine then gets sick and dies, that falls into the bin of personal responsibility. "
But This is also someone who has inflicted their death on the sagging shoulders of medicine's mental health. Like suicide by cop, suicide by covid inflicts a toil on those that showed the idiots the door.
Gee, I thought suicide was illegal.

Funny how all these people had all their shots to go K-12, then maybe on to higher ed, but now this one is somehow different and objectionable.

In the first half of the 20th century, before miracle drugs and other magic bullets, public health measures were largely what kept people out of hospitals....and public health officials had more power than cops, used it too, without hesitancy or reservation. You want to be Typhoid Mary and spread it around? Fine, solitary for the rest of your life.

Flat Earth, Qanon and Covid deniers.

Chief Squirrel said...

"if a person who refuses to get the vaccine then gets sick and dies, that falls into the bin of personal responsibility." Yes, and there will be fewer chumpidiots in the country.

Ten Bears said...

First let me clarify I'm all for a wall, from Eureka California to Eureka Montana!

Now the conundrum ~ it dawned on me a number of years ago that no matter how badly I want or think there a need to kick "the south" out, build a wall along the Mason-Dixon and wish it a fine fare-thee-well there's a whole lot of people down there that will suffer a whole lot more than they already do ... if we do. Unfortunately, we're facing the same dilemma. It's out of control around the world and will no doubt be out of control here again soon, and even though I set aside my own personal Mr Natural thing for the greater good and got the shot, who knows how that's gonna' go. I've been flippant, all along ~ made bad beer and bat jokes a (bit more than a) year ago, posted "go ahead on'it: drink bleach, no bark off'a my shins, but ... that's just my bad attitude. That's just irresponsible.

Early on I made the observation this isn't the one that kills us all, but the next one may be. I could be wrong. Sadly, there need be enforcement, and there's no one we can depend on to do so without gunning everybody down.

Eck! said...

Yes, the GQOP variant. Major symptoms is you get stupid and catch
a bug you can avoid then die.

Seriously if the unvaccinated create the more nasty strain...
People may put that on their heads. If they die off its on
their heads as well.

The south lost, they lost because they couldn't do the things that
were needful like make things and go to war or cut the crap. They
couldn't get over it either. Can't wall them off as they would be
just another band of immigrants. Better to bless they're little
hearts, and wait them out.


Comrade Misfit said...

No vaccine and you’re hospitalized for Covid? Here’s your morphine drip, see Nurse Chauvin if you need anything.....

Tod Germanica said...

This vaccaine hesitancy may be stomped out by corporations and airlines and sports organizations requiring proof of vaccination prior to service. Could be extended to public transport, bars and restaurants etc. Private companies and corporations are free to set policies and disease prevention trumps lots of issues of Free-dumb and fuck-your-feelings by the treason party. So you could still be a covid Mary but mostly only in your own house or car. Nobody else wants you. Diseased, weak minded tool of Russia. Enjoy your continued solitude.

MarkS said...

I was in the merchant marine in the late '60s and proof of vaccination, along with a Z card, were an absolute requirement for employment.If anyone objected to it, I never heard of it. Guess we were sheeple back then & didn't know it due to lack of internet.

Pigpen51 said...

It's me again. I know you all are glad that I am still alive and well. You are forgetting one thing. By forcing people to show a vaccine record, it violates the HIPPA act. As for private business, they can set any rules they wish.
I have a 24 year old daughter who has an immunodeficiency disease. She had a Zoom call today with two of her doctors, from the University of Michigan Medical Center, who continuously monitor her condition. She asked them about her getting the vaccine, and the at first said, yes, she should get it. Then later, they told her that because she had just gotten an infusion of some drug to control her immune system, that she should wait.
For some of you, things are simple, black and white, and you are either intelligent, or a moron. But the truth is, there are a lot more issues here than just some people being in denial.
I must apologize for intruding on your space. I often come here and read what is posted, but I seldom post anything back. However, on this topic, I felt that there were a few things to consider. Actually, I forgot, my wife had covid this past January, it lasted 2 months. Her cancer doctor that she sees a couple of time a year recommended that she not get the vaccine as well. At that, I will again apologize for intruding and bid you all a good spring, and better days ahead.

Comrade Misfit said...

PP51, I have no issue with people who can't be vaccinated due to medical reasons.

I have a big problem with the idiots who are refusing to be vaccinated because of moronic conspiracy theories or lies, such as those who have been vaccinated are shedding the virus.

Dark Avenger said...

Sorry, PP, but you’re wrong. Once again:

"Just because you carry around some health information with you in the form of your vaccine card, that information doesn't bring all the HIPAA protections with it," Erin Fuse Brown, a law professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta, told WFAA.