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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Caturday- Memorial Edition

Bella, 2004(?)-2021

My roomie adopted her in 2007. At the shelter, they called her "Momma", as she had been taken in while raising a litter. Once her kits were weaned, they were also adopted out. At the shelter, Bella was very friendly, wanting to be held. Once into her forever home, that was enough of that shit. But she loved being petted and lap time. And she loved her treats; the spooky catnip treats Temptations made for Halloween were her favorite. Every evening, I would call her by saying: "Bella, pets," and she would come to me for a scratching session. Then she would go into her roomie's bedroom to lay on her lap and help her read.

Bella has had a chronic problem that may have been neurological, because everything else was ruled out.

She needed a steroid shot monthly. She was given mirtazapine to boost her appetite; first a half a pill a week, then the interval tightened up. Recently it's been every other day, then daily. When that didn't work, anymore we gave her a full pill to see if it would jump-start her appetite. It didn't work and, over the last few days, she began drinking a lot of water.

The last photo of Bella, taken ten minutes before her final trip.

Letting her go into kidney failure wasn't an option.

So earlier today, she took a stroll over the Rainbow Bridge.

Fair winds and may your prey be easy to catch.


B said...

My condolences on your loss. It is hard, sometimes, to be the Human.

gray fox said...

Oh! I know how very hard that is. Words are useless, but you have my sympathy.

CenterPuke88 said...

Farewell Bella, the decision is terrible but necessary. Thank you for caring!

Tod Germanica said...

It doesn't seem possible but they are all so different. You and roomie gave her a good life and a good death. That's all there is if we are lucky.

Nebris said...

💖 💖 💖

Sarah said...

I'm sorry. We know we've all got it coming, but it's sure hard when it does.

Bella Bellissima!