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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wise Investors Have Bought Popcorn Futures

Federal agents raided Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office on Wednesday, seizing computers and cellphones in a major escalation of the Justice Department’s investigation into the business dealings of former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

Giuliani, the 76-year-old former New York City mayor once celebrated for his leadership in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, has been under federal scrutiny for several years over his ties to Ukraine. The dual searches sent the strongest signal yet that he could eventually face federal charges.

Agents searched Giuliani’s home on Madison Avenue and his office on Park Avenue, people familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press. The warrants, requiring approval from the top levels of the Justice Department, signify prosecutors believe they have probable cause that Giuliani committed a federal crime — though they don’t guarantee charges will materialize.

Given that this is the epitome of a high-profile case, the reading of the tea-leaves would be that Rudy is in serious trouble.
Meanwhile, in North Carolina, it's beginning to look like coverup season:

A judge refused Wednesday to release body camera video showing North Carolina deputies shooting and killing a Black man, ruling that making the video public at this stage could jeopardize the investigation into Andrew Brown Jr.’s death.
Judge Jeffery Foster said he believed the videos contained information that could harm the ongoing investigation or threaten the safety of people seen in the footage. He said the video must remain out of public view for at least 30 days.

“The release at this time would create a serious threat to the fair, impartial and orderly administration of justice,” Foster said.

The judge is looking at this far too narrowly. In the present era, there is a lot more distrust about the righteousness of police shootings these days. Not releasing the footage smells of a coverup along the lines of the killing of Laquan McDonald. Every day that they sit on the footage gives rise to more and more belief that the cops murdered Mr. Brown and that the authorities are trying to figure out how to sweep the killing under the rug.


Ten Bears said...

Hemp. Hemp futures. 33,000+ things can be done with hemp, from blue jeans to sail cloth, concrete to hard "plastic" pipe that may well last a million years. Rope is only one of them.

I wrote about this years ago, maybe FDL but mostly likely a bulletin board in the nineties, boiled down to ones and zeros this is what happens when you bring boys home from War and turn them loose on the streets. As fast as it happened, as precise the reputed placement of the rounds, just looks to me like someone was a little too antsie, a little too anxious, and it got out of hand.

What happens when we glorify War, and the military ... but that's getting into the 14 defining characteristics of fascism and nobody wants to hear about fascism. It's just so ... last year.

B said...

I think it is because the judge knows that the full video will show that the dead man was trying to use his car to run over the officers. It isn't PC right now to let the police show their side, nor to blame the guy who (apparently justifiably) got shot.

BTW, did you get my email?

Comrade Misfit said...

That makes zero sense. If that’s what happened, why not release it and end the controversy?

(Haven’t looked.)

B said...

Look into the incident beyond the headlines and memes. You might be surprised at what reality is. I'm not saying it is a good shoot, but the truth is not as presented in the Media.

Dark Avenger said...

Sure, B, let’s believe another in your continuing series of unsupported assertions. Why wouldn’t it be to the cops advantage to have the footage released?

DTWND said...

Victim blaming. I thought we were past that. Apparently not.


Comrade Misfit said...

I love that Giuliani's spawn was bleating that if the Feebies can do it to his dad, they can do it to anyone.

Well, no fucking shit. It's called "executing a search warrant." Apply for a warrant and get a judge to sign it off. it happens every fucking day.