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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Being a Covidiot Snowflake Has Consequences

One Republican in Alaska found out that the rules aren't going to be changed because those rules caused her butthurt:

An Alaska state lawmaker who had called flight attendants "mask bullies" and clashed with airline employees on video over mask rules is now banned from Alaska Airlines for her "continued refusal to comply" with the mask policy, the airline said in a statement.

The restriction on Republican state Sen. Lora Reinbold will make her job more difficult: Alaska Airlines operates the only regular flights between her home north of Anchorage and the state capital in Juneau.

The ban meant Reinbold on Sunday had to drive more than 14 hours, including a portion of the trip through Canada, and take a ferry to reach Juneau on Monday, where a bill she opposes that would extend Gov. Mike Dunleavy's emergency powers during the coronavirus pandemic is scheduled for action.

That snowflake has a choice: Wear a mask in accordance with the rules of both the airline and the FAA or find another way to get to where she's going. It's just like QAnon Snowflakes like her to proclaim that the rules are for other people.

Being an adamant asshole can have consequences.


Mark Rossmore said...

But I'm sure she'll cry about being "cancelled" and make all the rounds on Fox News. The party of personal accountability clearly doesn't know what that phrase means. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, assholes.

Ten Bears said...

I'll bet she put a mask on to go through the border crossing with Canada.

I thought the border was closed ...

JackL said...

Surely one of her patrons has a bizjet and pilot he can spare once or twice a week.

Glenn Kelley said...

The border is closed to casual crossings.Almost anything work related is allowed .

If you fly you can go almost anywhere .

Last winter the snowbirds were shippiong their cars to Buffalo and then taking a commuter flight to the Buffalo airport so
they could go to Florida .


Comrade Misfit said...

She can’t fly, because she’s a fucking idiot.