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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Another Disaffected White Asswipe With a Rifle

The former employee who shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis was interviewed by FBI agents last year, after his mother called police to say that her son might commit “suicide by cop,” the bureau said Friday.
The shooter was identified as [Some Asswipe], 19, of Indianapolis, Deputy Police Chief Craig McCartt told a news conference. Investigators searched a home in Indianapolis associated with Hole and seized evidence, including desktop computers and other electronic media, McCartt said.

It's not the fault of the press, of course, but they could do a lot by making these fuckers into nopersons by refusing to name them.
Meanwhile, in Chicago:

You've probably heard about the cop who shot a 13-year old who tossed a gun and then turned around to give up.

Three comments:

First, the kid's tossing the gun was probably inside the officer's OODA loop, in that the officer likely make the decision to shoot a few milliseconds before the kid tossed the gun. Which makes this a tragic occurrence but this ins't a George Floyd event.

Second, a kid running through the streets with a gun is no less dangerous than anyone else.

Third, what the hell was a thirteen-year old kid doing running around the streets at two-thirty in the morning?


Ten Bears said...

All very good questions, Cap'n, never-the-less ... a 13 year was gunned down.

I have a thirteen year old grandson. Autistic. Not just Metis`, not just a mixed-breed and a target for the pigs, but mixed up in the head: a target for the pigs.

Time to shoot back.

Comrade Misfit said...

I can guess the prelude: "Hey, kid, you hold the gun, if the cops catch you, you'll be out of juvie in a month or so." That's an age-old trick, the Italians did that in the bad old days.

That works until it doesn't.

They ought to be charging the hoodlum he was running with with felony murder, not just child endangerment. But I don't know if Illinois law permits that.

Frank Wilhoit said...

You're wrong about publishing the names. We got where we are by letting people off the hook. Redacting the name looks like shielding. Publishing it is not like giving "the oxygen of publicity" to terrorists; it's a (tiny and barely effectual) form of accountability.

Comrade Misfit said...

I disagree, Frank. These asswipes go out in a "blaze of glory"; guys who deserve to die forgotten and unremarked instead have their names splashed across the world. Those two imbeciles who shot up Columbine are infamous.

They should, instead, die unknown, be cremated and have their ashes tossed down the shitter.

Eck! said...

Makes little difference name or no if the guy is dead.
The problem is people get the spree shooting thing in
their broken heads and it becomes a fixation. Right
up there with suicide by cop.

What I'll ask is he was red flagged once and still
driving (car can be deadly weapon), still on the street,
and somehow got another gun.

How did that happen?
What was overlooked from then to now?
How is that like other spree killer(s)?

As to the teen. At 2:30AM on the streets is a
starting point for bad things to happen.
Calling it unfortunate or any other thing is
meaningless platitude.
How do we, they, prevent it?


Eck! said...

One last on the teen...

I keep seeing the frame of him hands up.
We know nothing from that as it was an instant
(likely 1/30th of second) in time with no before
or after. It is no better than a sound bite
and maybe worse. Both cases is a whole story
and maybe different from the story one frame

I want to see the 30-180 frames before that!


0_0 said...

Video has been out, Eck.

B said...

Here is a bit of info on that shooting: