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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The GOPoQ's Klan Kaucus's Failure to Launch

First there was this:

Conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is launching a new "America First" caucus, her office confirmed Friday, bringing together a group of far-right lawmakers known for their controversial rhetoric.

Punchbowl News obtained a flier promoting the new caucus, which calls for a "common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions" and pushes a series of conspiracy theories about election integrity. The flier also outlined a nativist argument warning that "mass immigration" poses a threat to "the long-term existential future of America as a unique country with a unique culture and a unique identity."

Except that the backlash was fierce:

Republicans from various factions in the GOP are racing to distance themselves — and the party at large — from a band of hard-line House conservatives whose flirtation with forming a caucus espousing white nationalist views has ignited a firestorm of controversy on Capitol Hill.

GOP leaders, anti-Trump centrists and vulnerable Republicans in battleground districts wasted little time in recent days denouncing the “America First Caucus,” whose stated purpose in a platform document included the defense of America as a nation “strengthened by a common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions."

In the second story, above, you'll note that one Republican congressman called Greene's caucus "a modern, decaf version of the KKK".

Many in the GOP are trying to wrest the party from Trumpist, white-supremacist, batshit-crazy racists like Greene and Gosar. The Greene Klan Kaucus is going to be tied around the necks of all of them.

Which is as it should be.


dinthebeast said...

With such heavy hitters as Louie Gohmert and Matt Gaetz on their team, how did they manage to lose?
Oh right, they had Louie Gohmert and Matt Gaetz on their team.
I told you that they would get worse than Fergus.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Dark Avenger said...

I’m glad someone stood up against those damn surrender monkey Normans.

w3ski said...

Donny's reign empowered the lowest trash in our society. People like Marjorie that think they can now put a voice to their hatreds.
Fortunately, the entire Rethug party isn't quite that bat-shit crazy yet.
It's scary to me though, that there are so many that think that way.
This was not supposed to be a country for white supremacists to gather.