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Saturday, April 3, 2021

It All Depends on Whose Ox is Being Gored

You might remember when Elon Musk announced that he was moving the Tesla plant to Texas-- all of the conservatives cheered and said things like "fuck California" and so on.

But when MLB moved the All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest of Georgia's Jim Crow II law, boy oh boy, those very same conservatives are now birthing cows out of their anuses.
In all of the stuff about the murder of George Floyd, there hasn't been a lot of attention to the initial encourter between Mr. Floyd and his killers. This is bodycam video:

Note that the first cop starts right off from the bat, pointing his gun at Mr. Floyd and cursing at him. Is there any surprise that shit went sideways from there? A case where there was not a hint of violence went bad because the cops treated Mr. Floyd as though he was a member of the Future Cop-Killers of America.

Mr. Floyd gave the clerk a bad $20 bill. There was zero indication that he knew that the bill was bogus, but the cops went into it as though Mr. Floyd was committing the crime of the decade.

But hey, in a state where the only time a cop gets convicted of killing somebody is when the cop had the temerity to shoot a white person, the murdering cops here probably felt that they had a brass pass pinned to their shirts.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

The cop was Senegalese not white

Ten Bears said...

I was employed with a law firm and in my one and only year of law school during the OJ days, in position to absorb a great deal of information - just that: absorb. Though it seems to me this is a slam-dunk, I don't have a lot of confidence it will convict.

I am seeing the Watts riots, Rodney King and the BLM protests ...

Comrade Misfit said...

The Watts Riot and the Rodney King Riot were popcorn farts in comparison to the massacres in East St. Louis and Tulsa.

B said...

Musk left because of economics, the MLB moved because of "wokeness". Not a decent parallel.

Ten Bears said...

What is "wokeness", and do the scare quotes mean it's bullshit?

Comrade Misfit said...

Not economics. Musk wanted to move the plant because he was suffering butthurt because the state wouldn't recognize making pricey e-cars as an essential industry, so he couldn't force his slaves to work during an outbreak.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Independent variables - Why do homo sapiens have such difficulty with this concept?
Large corporations are into the color green.

MLB moved because they didn't want a player boycott. It's like my dad said: Everyone smells the same in the locker room.

dinthebeast said...

Now Elon is mounting a campaign to try and attract the kind of talent he took for granted in California to Texas. Good luck with that one, Elon.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

0_0 said...

MLB moved because of sponsors, not players.
And Georgia's new election laws are less strict than those of NY and NJ. Mostly because the early voting starts earlier and last longer.
Election Day ends at 7 pm (but those in line are OK).
The early days end at 5 pm.
Only poll workers can hand out water (no electioneering).
Is the ID requirement (which can be obtained for free in GA) the part you're mad about?

CA has been completely nonsensical in dealing with covid. Calling the Tesla workforce 'slaves' is too much.

Ten Bears said...

We're all slaves to trash like Musk, regardless our political persuasions.

But go ahead, bicker amongst yourselves. They're laughing.

As am I ...

Dark Avenger said...

Double-nothing, the GA laws criminalizes giving water to people in line waiting to vote. Have you ever lived in the Southern states during the summer or even autumn, when it’s hot and humid? Your assertion, as with many you’ve made here, is untouched by the facts of the case in question.

And, yes, B, it’s rather woke to object to voting laws bent on limiting the right to vote, like removing early Sunday voting. After all, only poor, incompetents who can’t get their lives together, shouldn’t have it easier that hard working real Amuricans who are too Godly to vote on Sunday.

0_0 said...

Dumb Ass, almost every state bans anyone from engaging with voters at the polling location or in line, period. Someone wants to treat folks in line like parched desert travelers and sneak in some subtle electioneering. And, yes, I have been in the South in early November.

Just because you say my statement is refuted doesn't make it so.

Dark Avenger said...

Double OO-nothing, please explain why there should be lines in the first place, instead of convincing me that someone standing in line for hours can have their vote bought with a 79 cent bottle of water in the first place. A ban on alcohol and food I can understand, but the threat free water would pose to Georgian democracy is rather risible, IYKWIMAITYD.

Ten Bears said...

Why stand in line at all indeed: vote by mail, it has been proven by over thirty years of voting by mail in Oregon to be the most secure vote of all. All suggestions otherwise are godddamned lies.

Better still, vote online. If you can prove to your bank who you are ...

B said...

If they did it like they do in Oregon, maybe. But that's not how they did it in places like PA and Ga. Especially in the Blue precincts.

Why such a shit fot over laws to prevent fraud? One might think "Thou dost protest too much".

Dark Avenger said...

Why such a shit fot over laws to prevent fraud? One might think "Thou dost protest too much".

Voter fraud is very rare.

You remind me of this:

Homer : Well, there's not a bear in sight. The Bear Patrol is sure doing its job.

Lisa : That's specious reasoning, Dad.

Homer : Thank you, sweetie.

Lisa : Dad, what if I were to tell you that this rock keeps away tigers.

Homer : Uh-huh, and how does it work?

Lisa : It doesn't work. It's just a stupid rock.
Homer : I see.

Lisa : But you don't see any tigers around, do you?

Homer : Lisa, I'd like to buy your rock.

Pete said...

I did a quick review of the mail-in process in Oregon and it seems a lot like what I did for my absentee ballot here in Georgia. Signatures that match what's on file, multiple envelopes, bar codes, option of drop boxes or mail service, etc.

So, B, can you explain "how they did it in places like PA and Ga," that's so different from Oregon?


0_0 said...

So the All-Star game is going to Denver, CO.

I wonder how Colorado's voting laws compare to Georgia's....

Dark Avenger said...

Knock yourself out finding out, tiger.

Ten Bears said...

Bingo - "If they did it like they do in Oregon" ...

They - Georgia - did it just like we do it in Oregon. I don't want to hear about Penciltucky, the topic at hand is Georgia. You're building strawmen in the wind. There is no fraud, it is a goddamned lie and those that repeat it are goddamned liars. If not seditionists and traitors in need of a rope.

Dark Avenger said...

The Republicans are stealing from The Clash now:

Know your rights

These are your rights
Hey, say what, hey
Know these rights

Number three
You have the right to free speech
As long as you're not
Dumb enough to actually try it.

B said...

TB: you need to research. Not the same. Not at all.
But don't let reality get in the way of your dreams.

BTW, the MLB moved to Colorado....where there are Voter ID laws. Funny about that, innit?

Dark Avenger said...

Non-photo ID, is required, D. Also, without it, a provisional ballot is still available.

In Georgia, the new law requires photo ID, and uses Drivers License matching instead of signatures, which is the traditional way of verifying a ballot and preventing voter fraud.

On March 25, 2021, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) signed SB202 into law, enacting a series of changes to the state's election administration procedures, including (but not limited to) the following:[16]

Absentee/mail-in voting:
Absentee/mail-in ballots verified on the basis of driver's license numbers instead of voter signatures.
Ballot drop boxes made available only inside early voting locations during business hours.
Ballot application deadline fixed at 11 days before Election Day.
Early voting
For general elections, counties required to offer early voting on two Saturdays; counties authorized, but not required, to offer early voting on two Sundays.
For runoff elections, early voting period limited to a minimum of one week.
Other election administration matters:
State Election Board authorized to remove county election boards and replace them with interim election managers.
Counties required to certify election results within six days instead of 10.
The full text of the enacted bill can be accessed here.

In its original form, SB202 would have barred persons and entities from sending unsolicited absentee/mail-in ballot applications to voters who had already requested, been issued, or voted an absentee/mail-in ballot. On March 25, 2021, the Georgia House of Representatives approved an amended version of the bill (which included the aforementioned changes) by a vote of 74. Later that day, the Georgia State Senate concurred in the House amendments by a vote of 34-20. Both the House and Senate votes split along party lines, with Republicans voting in favor of the bill and Democrats voting against it.[16][23]

Upon signing the bill into law, Kemp said, "After the November election last year, I knew like so many of you that significant reforms to our state elections were needed. When voting in person in the state of Georgia, you must have a photo ID. It only makes sense for the same standard to apply to absentee ballots as well."[24]

You really should research what you “know”, B, because you have a history here of asserting “facts” that later on turn out not to be true,

As in the present case.

Ten Bears said...

Uhm, *, Pete said... "I did a quick review of the mail-in process in Oregon and it seems a lot like what I did for my absentee ballot here in Georgia. Signatures that match what's on file, multiple envelopes, bar codes, option of drop boxes or mail service, etc."

I did the research, looked at what Georgia did and LO AND BEHOLD!: it looks just like Oregon!

As usual, you're not just wrong ...

Comrade Misfit said...

0_0, et al,

Comparing Georgia's laws to that of other states is a false equivalence. It is, simply, irrelevant.

What matters is this: Republicans in most states are tightening up voter rules because, and only because, they want to make it harder for those people to vote. They are changing the laws in response to Trump's bullshit lies about massive voter fraud.

Ask yourself this: If Trump had won all of those states, in a landslide, would there be any interest in changing the voter laws?

I submit that the answer is obvious: No.

The GPOofQ's moves to make voting harder is to protect their status as a minority party that can win elections by the only way possible: Make it difficult for everyone else to vote.

In a nutshell: It's nothing other than racism. Calling the new laws in Georgia and elsewhere "Jim Crow 2.0" is right on the money.