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Monday, April 5, 2021

No Surprise Here; Insurrection Ed.

Prosecutors are in discussions with an Oath Keeper about his cooperating with the government. The non-legal dictionary term for that is "snitching" or "informing".

This isn't a surprise. The best deals to be made are by those who snitch early and often. There's a saying that there are two kinds of people in prison: Those who snitched and those who wish they had. The latter spend a lot more time there.

And when one considers that the Feds are likely to bring charges against the Oath Keepers that could keep them in prison past the middle of the century (if the judges stack the sentences, which is probably going to happen given what the defendants allegedly did), those who cut deals are the ones who aren't going to be spending their golden years behind bars.

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DTWND said...

The rats are flipping? Inconceivable! First the little fish, then the middle ones. The big ones can’t come fast enough.