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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Your Sunday Morning Big Prop Noise

Grumman S2F (later redesignated the S-2) "Stoof"

The Navy was very happy to replace the Stoof with the Hoover, because that meant that the Navy could cease keeping aviation gasoline on its carriers.


Tod Germanica said...

These fly over my house daily during fire season. CDF has a whole fleet of them converted to `borate bombers` though I think they no longer bomb with borate. Most seem re-engined with turboprops.

Old NFO said...

That bird is at HMAS Albatross, the RAN aviation museum south of Sydney! I saw that bird a few years ago when it was being restored! I have a hundred or so hours in them from NAS Glynco, back in the early 70s. NOT a fun airplane in the summer in Georgia!!!

Old NFO said...

Oh, and here's a pic of an S-2E launching into a wave off the Tycho in 71!