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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Christian Taliban Loves Getting COVID-19

A church in eastern Oregon that defied the governor’s stay-at-home order has become the state’s hot spot for new cases of COVID-19.

Two-thirds of 356 members of Lighthouse Pentecostal Church tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend, according to The Associated Press.
Because those clowns had to gather, in person, to demonstrate their fealty to Jesus, their county will probably get more restrictions.
A video deleted from the church's Facebook page earlier this month reportedly showed several hundred congregation members standing close together while attending a service on May 24, according to The Oregonian.

Union County, with a population of roughly 26,800, has confirmed 263 virus cases as of Tuesday, according to data published by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). Cases reportedly associated with the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church account for 89 percent of the total figure. The recent surge in Union County's virus cases prompted local officials to recommend that the region re-implement Phase 1 restrictions last Wednesday.
The virus doesn't care what Fluffy Lord you worship. It doesn't care if your political leaders don't think that the virus is real. If you're dumb enough to gather in large groups without taking precautions, the virus will be happy to take advantage of it. The virus will be there and slowing down testing, as one rather drain-bamaged orange-skinned gibbon has recommended, won't change a thing.

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