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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Our Fake Christian President

Trump had peaceful protesters clubbed and sprayed with tear gas so he could hold a photo op in front of a church. He probably had to stop at a motel to pick up a Bible to hold, as the one he was waving about wasn't his. Trump probably has never opened the pages of one, because he's not in it.

This is Owurr Deer Leedur, waving a Bible:

It didn't take long for people to improve the photo:

Arlington County withdrew its police officers from Washington, D.C. after those cops were used to assist in clearing away peaceful protesters so Trump could hold his propaganda shoot.


Ten Bears said...

Not quite fifty years ago I was tear-gassed(yeah, that's me), bean-bagged, clubbed and stepped on by a horse... right there. In front of that church. Where did it get me? Where did it get us?

CenterPuke88 said...

I think this time there were no people stepped on by a horse...maybe that’s progress?

Ward said...

He looks puzzled, "how does this thing work?"

w3ski said...

CP, someone was stepped on by a horse. Sorry about that.
I did notice though, that he was holding his precious Bible both upside down and backward. Note that it has no words on what would be the cover and the bookmark is on the bottom, though traditionally on the top.
He can't even look like he reads it or cares about it.
He isn't just bad at it, he is the worst possible person for the job.

seafury said...

Word from pop in law, Pentecostal minister, " this president loves and adores our Lord and savior. You only have watch and marvel at his
Leadership". Can I get an amen?

CenterPuke88 said...

OK, so no improvement.

Interesting pictures spreading around now of some locations with a pallet of paving stones dropped off behind a business in an area where a protest was scheduled. Set-up, planning, or something else? We already know fake Antifa accounts have been launched by the Right-wingers...I would assume the opposite is likely true too. The biggest problem right now is the ones, on both sides, taking advantage of the protests to just break shit.

dinthebeast said...

CP88: I also saw video of cops in Boston unloading bricks from the back of a pickup in an alley.

-Doug in Sugar Pine