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Sunday, June 21, 2020

You Can Almost Feel the Sad

Trump, getting off AF1, looked like a guy who was taken to the cleaners at the blackjack table:

No better at the White House:

For a guy who has always been so self-conscious of his image, this is a pretty bad look.

The Lincoln Project didn't waste any time:

Heads are going to be rolling in his campaign staff.


Deadstick said...

Not being so protective of his silk tie this time...

CenterPuke88 said...

It is particularly interesting that he has let his shield down at this time. It suggests that the hounds are closing in, and Donnie knows it. Any bets on his departing the U.S. to duck charges and lawsuits post office?

w3ski said...

I had some concern that the body language was from the late hour and regular tiredness, I can see here that it is better than I actually hoped.
From beating the hat twice dejectedly before waving it like a little flag to the dismissive salute of the waiting attendant to the just hangdog attitude of the whole walk of shame. We got him! I love it.
He finally can see that people just don't like him. His numbers are only hot air, and he could hardly even rile up the crowd like a want-to-be Dicktater.
I love to see Truth come crashing down on the Cheetolini like a wave.
Now to watch the virus take its toll on the few that did go.
How extra fitting that the younger generation helped bring this about.
There may just possibly be some hope on election day after all.

LRod said...

Small technicality, AF1 is Air France 1 (in old money). Air Force One is always A1, in ATC speak.

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired

DTWND said...

LRod, I started ATC at Houston ARTCC working the area that includes Kerrville, TX, home of Mooney Aircraft. The chief pilot was taking a flight in a prototype and I typed in the call sign as N1. Within two minutes I had an area manager come over and ask me who that was. I told him it was the chief pilot, Mooney 1. As a newbie, I didn't understand why he told me to change the data block.