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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Bunker Boy Is Losing His Shit

"What a terrible thing to have lost one's mind. Or not to have a mind at all. How true that is." -- Dan Quayle

One would have to be either insane or a hardcore Trumpanzee to believe this shit:

Those two categories are not mutually exclusive.


B said...

Actually probably (possibly?) true if one looks closely at the video.

We will never know either way.

Dark Avenger said...

It is pure technobabble. It has some elements of truth: cloning base stations happens to be a common espionage and police technique, and theoretically, you can track individual mobile phones by getting a direction of their signal, though that is really hard, and cannot be done by a normal telephone. You would need
a) a few frequency-hopping receivers capable of distinguishing the target phone from all other phones in the area, and hopping with the same pattern.
b) directional antennas
c) complete or near-complete compromise of the telephone company's encryption

Essentially, this would be a job for a military SIGNINT company, and they would not need to come within a few meters of their target.

It would be useful if you are trying to penetrate the mobile communications network of a very modern enemy army. In civilian life, you would get the same or better results by hacking the phones remotely using "normal" cyberattack methods.

This sounds very much like technobabble written by someone who has a vague idea how SIGNINT works against an adversary equipped with traditional VHF radios.

CenterPuke88 said...

What, B., what on earth are you saying? A well known, local protester for various rights issues, age 75 is shoved and falls, striking his head. Your theory is he’s got a blood bag hidden in his hair and a electronic device (of a sort that reall doesn’t actually exist in that size) in his hand? Have you ever watched the balance of those who age? I have occasional stumbles, partial due to nerve damage, and I’m 20 years younger...he fell naturally from a leveraged push to his upper body. The actions of the police in pulling away an office trying to assist him shows their callous disregard for the protestors.

Buffalo PD frequencies are publicly available, and the radios in use by Buffalo PD are not encrypted, but do have anti-jamming technology. A cell phone simply doesn’t have the necessary hardware to even receive those frequencies, let alone jam them. There is simply no way that this radical OANN theory holds water, and it was promulgated by an OANN reporter who worked for Sputnik News in 2016, a really reliable source.

B., if you are serious, it’s too late. You have gone down the rabbit hole of insanity and will never accept the fact that Donnie is clearly guided in his decisions by cable news stories. Tell me, B., does it even bother you that Donnie signed an agreement that Mar-a-lago would not be used as a residence when he got approval to convert it, and has now declared it his residence? Does it bother you that his first voter registration application was rejected for fraudulence, yet no action was taken against him by the county that prosecuted others for the same thing? Does it bother you that Donnie had his mail ballot picked up by a third party and after he reportedly filled it out, also returned by a third party...something he has railed against?

Can you recognize a Republican Party that controls the White House and the Senate and has run up a trillion dollar deficit for this fiscal year?

dinthebeast said...

OK, best case scenario the cops maybe didn't know he was 75 and pushed him like they would a 40 year old.
Which only illustrates what's wrong with shoving 40 year olds, cops don't always know what they're doing and the consequences are a broken head.
But go ahead, make up reasons why it's OK to treat citizens like that. A reckoning is underway and those made up reasons will be considered in how we want our police to act going forward.
As for Fergus, the fact that this is not even the least believable lie he has told in the past week tells you everything you need to know about what has to be done about him.
Fortunately, it's looking more and more like that will happen with each new polling average released.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ward said...

> Actually probably (possibly?) true if one looks closely at the video.

It's highly unlikely that a phone-sized and -shaped object is some sort of scanner/jammer capable of disrupting police communications.

It's absolutely clear from the video that he didn't throw himself backwards.

> We will never know either way

Only people who were certain that the number of deaths due to Covid was going to be no worse than the seasonal flu could have any doubt about what heppened. Oh, right, that includes you.

Leo Knight said...

I'm not a policeman, and don't have close relations in law enforcement. But I used to work with former police and their families. As I understand it, once police form a riot line, they push everyone out of their way, and let no one behind them. It's ancient warfare, hoplites with shields, forming a shield wall. They do not communicate. Citizens (subjects?) must understand that once the shields and clubs come out, all communication ends. Disperse, or else. They do not state this explicitly, but expect people to know and obey, and if the happen to crack some skulls...say it with me..."anyone who's stupid enough to let that happen to them deserves what they get."

Dark Avenger said...

Leo, the guy wasn’t a menace to the cops. In fact, since you brought it up, If there were a bunch of ὁπλίτης from ancient Athens or Sparta instead of well-armed cops, they wouldn’t have found the old guy a menace, especially when he was armed with a cell phone.

Comrade Misfit said...

Leo, they weren't in anything resembling a "riot line". Some cops were standing there, others were milling around. The three cops that Mr. Gugino approached weren't in any sort of formation.

I'm sure that those cops won't go to jail. But they'll be known forever as two brave young men who shoved an old man to the ground.

CenterPuke88 said...

“They do not state this explicitly, but expect people to know and obey, and if the happen to crack some skulls...say it with me..."anyone who's stupid enough to let that happen to them deserves what they get."

So, the routine that has been used for decades in the minority community has come to the rest of America (again, but in the 60’s they were kicking hippie ass). How do you like those apples, baby? Will this type of behavior finally chance the relationship between white America and the police? How do you feel about having to look over your shoulder to see if the police are coming, in fear!

I’ve ridden with police and heard how they talk about “criminals” and “minorities”. Dealing with what they do daily often coarsens them to the fact that they are dealing with people, and breeds contempt and the mentality we see. We need a sea change in policing to address this issue and remake the police forces as a positive tool for the community. The answer to everything isn’t always more equipment and roles for the police.

The New York Crank said...

I am shocked — shocked! — by the temerity of that 75-year-old demonstrator.

First he hid an entire, multi-dialed, 20 lb. radio scanner and its antennae in a cell phone, a low-down dirty trick if ever there was one.

Second, he deliberately fell backwards and knocked himself unconscious when our noble police gave him the teensy-weensiest of little shoves.

And third, he purposely bled from his ears — isn't that what everyone does when they seek attention?

Yours very crankily,
The New York Crank

Eck! said...

So much technobabble, Takes a lot of imagination and little to
no knowledge of radio systems to arrive at that. Likely way too
many TV or movie plots with devices the military wishes they had.

So called scanner. Sorry, just no. I've done a bit of that stuff for
TLAs in the past and its never that small.

Electronic systems for gathering or jamming information, location,
ranging, communications, systems have several properties.

They are larger than a bread box,
They require conspicuous antennas.
They are not portable in the pocket sized sense,
They need big batteries,
They are rarely to never autonomous, user with knowledge is required.
They work best when deployed to monitor or blackout a large areas
communications meaning a high point not down by a shield line.

Also scanner is most cases means a multichannel receiver, not jammer
or any transmitter. I have a few my favorite is used to listening to
air traffic.

So with all that poorly constructed conspiracy theory disposed of...

If anything we could assume dementia, already been hit and hurt, making
a complaint he wants to go home and its that way. Or a line was being
formed and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Damnit, when you hear hoof-beats its is horses and not likely zebras?


DTWND said...

With some folks (who have spent all their credibility on hoaxes and conspiracy theories and being contrarian) you just have to say, “Oh. Okay. Thank you.” And move on.


dinthebeast said...

The mayor said that the cops are trained to not break the line moving forward and that there were medics embedded with the unit to take care of any injuries that happened to the cops or the public, so the walking past the bleeding guy on the ground was an order they were following.
The medics did eventually render aid to the guy, so that much is true, so I'd say the questions have to be addressed at the original order for the line to keep moving regardless of whom or what they encounter.
And the fact that those cops responded to that order by pushing a 75 year old guy backwards so he fell and broke his head.
And to quote someone else's take on it, if those cops get sued to within an inch of the department's life over being stupid enough to break an old man's head, they deserve what they get. And if their department has to more thoroughly regulate their behavior over it, all the more so.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Leo Knight said...

Just so everyone understands, I don't support the attitudes I described, and the video horrifies me. I was trying to convey outrage, but tone doesn't read well. A policeman once threatened to shoot me just because I didn't answer a question the way he wanted. This article says it well:

Deadstick said...

Where did the Bunker Inspector learn the word provocateur?

Dark Avenger said...