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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Bolton Is Like Trump, In One Regard

Regardless of the revelation in John Bolton's book (which are probably accurate), there is one think that I am keeping in mind: Bolton probably doesn't give a shit about this country any more than Trump does. They are both out for themselves, first and foremost.

When the impeachment inquiry was going on, Bolton could have spoken up. He could have talked to the investigators and told them what he knew. If he felt that the inquiry wasn't looking in the right place, he could have told them where to look and what to examine.

But he didn't. He kept his flap shut. I suspect that he kept his silence because he wanted the information to come out in his book, so that he could make a shitload more money. Michael Wolff likely made millions from Fire and Fury; Bolton undoubtedly wanted a chunk of that.

So while he may be telling the truth and he should be listened to, don't lose sight of the point that Bolton's still a grifter.


DTWND said...

And now the Trump campaign is using a symbol used by Nazis in Germany during WWII. A red triangle with the point down was used in the concentration camps to designate political prisoners or those who helped Jews to escape.

There is no denying that this administration is racist now. They (Trump) have pandered to extreme right wing groups since they were inaugurated (even before if you take the 'birtherism' into account).

A vote for Trump in November is a vote for a racist and racism. Which makes that voter a racist also; one who supports racism.


Eck! said...

Bolton is a piece of crap, he couldn't find the balls to speak to the
hearings and now he tells all, bullshit.

So Bolton, who cares if it true its useless now, he's useless.

Sorry but the mans credibility is mostly dust.


dinthebeast said...

What aren't grifts are lifeboats, and here is Jay Smooth on why we should burn them, that to my mind applies doubly to Bolton:


-Doug in Sugar Pine