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Saturday, June 6, 2020


Priss, our outdoor cat:

She's "ours" in that we feed her and provide her with a place to sleep in the garage and a litterbox. She comes and goes as she desires. The most we can do for other care is try to get some Revolution bug shit on her each month. Which she hates.


Nebris said...


Eck! said...

I take it she doesn't like to be handled.


w3ski said...

You have a good heart to care for her.

Tod Germanica said...

Most feral cats are mostly untouchable, though one we feed can be petted while she is actually eating. Otherwise, claw swipe time.
Have to enjoy a feral quickly, traffic and weather and coyotes take a toll.

Comrade Misfit said...

Eck!, we can pet her, when she wants to be petted. At other times, not so much.

She is very much her own cat.

Deadstick said...

Tod, we had a feral sneak into the house some years back and get cornered by our Jack Russell. Getting them apart was a serious clusterboink that ended up in some upended furniture and some stitches in me. Meanwhile, our own cat just watched from a safe distance, wishing he had some popcorn.

DTWND said...

We had an indoor/outdoor cat while we lived in Texas. Catchow (named by our 3 year old) was given flea baths outside with no problem, although my lower back was strained and sore each time.

So this one time when Catchow needed another bath, I thought I'd be smart and put on some swimming trunks. I took Catchow into the shower stall, closed the door and turned on the shower. I immediately became a 'climbing post' as she clawed her way up my legs, back, shoulders, and out over the top of the door! I really didn't think that thru.

Catchow wouldn't come near me for about a week afterward. I guess she was waiting for the scratches to heal.


Nebris said...

Respect the death blades. lol