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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Vandals With Badges

Two law enforcement agencies acknowledged Monday that officers patrolling Minneapolis during the height of recent protests knifed the tires of numerous vehicles parked and unoccupied in at least two locations in the midst of the unrest.

Video and photo images posted on the news outlet Mother Jones show officers in military-style uniforms puncturing tires in the Kmart parking lot at Lake Street and Nicollet Avenue on May 30.
It wasn't "a few" vehicles, which the duty liars for the cops said. It was a shitload of vehicles. It was all of the cars in a Kmart parking lot.

The official liar said that the cops "deflated" the tires. No, they slashed them. If they wanted to deflate them, they could have cut the valve stems, but no. They vandalized those cars. Oh, the cops like to talk about how they try to protect people's property, but then they go around vandalizing cars with wild abandon.

The departments involved should be sued within an inch of their budgets. Every nickel that people had to pay to replace their tires should come out of the departments' budgets.


CenterPuke88 said...

This is starting to fell very Weimar Republic now. The Republic won’t fall slowly, but suddenly and swiftly, the concern now is are we real approaching that point?

Tod Germanica said...

What happened to the Whig Party?

AC2usn said...

Is this the Minnesota way?


Eck! said...

I looked at MJ's video. IF I were the chief I'd bash all of the out of
uniform officers.

Oh wait, are they really police? Or are they sorta cosplay???
Least one is easily identified as that tat is really visible.
What would stop that as a setup, tell the lie and walk away and

Snopes says true, based on reporting by MJ. However MJ provides
a story that has hit every echo chamber. Problem I have is they
seem to be the only reporting of that story.

To immobilize a car you know need two tires, why two? Car only have
one spare if they have one at all. Four would be excess.

I can see part of the story being viable, they hit every car/truck
that had potentially visible materials for a riot. Tactically that
can be effective. What was done will only cause anger, likely that
was intentional.

Myself I don't take every story and image presented without asking
for more and some solid validation maybe even a second set from
another source. We fact check everyone as the big lie is easy.

Either way I'd sue the city for lost time and material.


CenterPuke88 said...

Eck!, stab my tires and I drive away laughing. An increasing number of cars feature runflats, and a punctured sidewall won’t stop them. Honestly, I’ll be started up and out of the parking lot before the spin activated batteries power up the TPMS and the low pressure idiot light illuminates. So, if I’m surprised by the idiot light and brake hard, and the depressured tires lose grip and I hit something, is my insurance company gonna sue the City, just wondering.

Eck! said...


Yep many cars have that. The low performance drivers many not.

I'd be hot for a fast exit the area long before they were popping tires.
I'm old enough to remember the long hot summer and where not to be
because what happen then if you were!