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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

John Bolton is a Cowardly Sack of Shit

Bolton revealed himself to be a weaselly sack of shit on the the Late Show last night.

It's pretty clear, after all that, that Bolton chose to keep his mouth shut until he was in a position to sell a shitload of books. When he could have had an impact on the impeachment process, he sat on his hands. He's got some bullshit rationale that there were Republicans in the House of Representatives who would have supported the impeachment process if it was done differently. If Bolton truly believes that, he has been using some seriously mind-altering drugs.

Bolton also said that he reported Trump's actions to the appropriate officials, the White House lawyers and the Attorney General. That's about as effective an action as reporting what Michael Corleone was doing to Tom Hagen.

Of the interviews I've seen with Bolton, this one was pretty hardball.

If you want to read the book, I humbly suggest getting it from your local library.

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