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Friday, June 5, 2020

Brutality in Buffalo

An old guy went up to talk to some cops. Two cops shoved him hard, the old man fell down and cracked his head. When another cop began to kneel to help the old man (who was bleeding from his ears), one of the cops who did the shoving pulled him back.

The first thing that the police brass did was to lie about what happened ("he tripped"). The cops in Buffalo are pretty damned stupid if they haven't figured out, by now, that there are video cameras in people's hands everywhere.

The shovers have been suspended. The City of Buffalo should warm up its checkbook.


Ten Bears said...

The year I just spent on walkabout, a sabbatical if you wish, in New York, Mass and the Maritime states reminded me of that I learned long ago: rural New York, Mass and the Maritime states are every bit the racist white-trash as the antebellum South. And a big percentage of the not-rural.

Bot so different, sadly, than Oregon.

Eck! said...

I've heard dorm friends and racisim here [new england] is actually worse than the south.

The cops... case of "Respect My Authority" abuse.
They have no defense if its "just following orders.".

Its proof that assholes exist and they are always more visible because they are.
They should not be allowed to persist in the police, or maybe given trash jobs
in the back room.


montag said...

The entire 57 member Emergency Response Unit has quit in support of their own. Buffalo whould be safer tonight

Deadstick said...

Hot technology tip for police in the 21st century: If you're hassling more than one or two people, you are on television. And turning your own camera off won't help much.

Eck! said...

No it goes like this....

PROtip, be the adult, do not do what is not legal for the guy
across from you would do.

If arrest is called for do some as expeditiously and with as little
force or violence as possible.

Don't quit, fix it.


dinthebeast said...

Good opportunity to institute some personnel changes there.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

Re: the 57 member Emergency Response Unit resignation....did they turn in their gear? All the fantasy bad-ass Robocop trimmings?