Seen on the street in Kyiv.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

"Just a Few Bad Apples," My Ass


Eck! said...

That officer needs to be take to a judge, the crime is assault.
There is no visible reason for shooting a pepperball or any
other weapon at a person.

By doing so he is also should be also charged with violating the
first amendment buy trying to suppress dissension, publication,
or documentation of errant behaviors by public officials.

There was no good purpose for that form of criminal action.


w3ski said...

The guy next to him even tried to get him not to. He shoved him away and forward and still the asswipe fired a round. He needs firing and criminal charges brought against him. Clearly abuse of their badge.

Tod Germanica said...

If you take away all the fun of being a cop like high speed pursuit, choke holds and shooting bystanders with tear gas and rubber bullets then who would want to be a cop (other than the fabulous pension). The crooks and the cops draw from the same pool, people who like power and don't mind using violence. And the police are protected by law from the consequences of their illegal violence.
Partial defunding and stripping out military weapons is part of the answer but we'll still need some kind of security forces. Departments will need to tear down and rebuild with new personnel and training and attitudes. And that won't be easy considering the leadership and the union. But somehow the police need to actually protect and defend, and not treat their duties like military occupation.

JustMusing said...

Rename the "Police Force" and "SWAT" departments to something more appropriate and less authoritarian and warlike. Community Protection Services? Hire folks that support preservation of life and well being. No one should be afraid of being maimed, killed, or beaten by those entrusted to protect us. These services should reflect those principles and processes proposed by the Obama administration. Service members must be accountable to the community as well as existing state and federal laws. No more qualified immunity as a shield for tyrants, bullies, authoritarians, racists, corrupt officers, or blue line solidarity that covers up abuse. And while we're at it, get rid of flash bangs, the "non" lethal rubber bullets, pepper shot, automatic weapons, and tear gas. My grandfather was a Deputy Sheriff for 20 years in Temple City, CA and never had to draw or shoot his .38 while on a walking patrol. Libertas Civilis!