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Thursday, June 4, 2020

What Happened in Minneapolis Was No Accident

About 20 percent of Minneapolis’s population of 430,000 is black. But when the police get physical — with kicks, neck holds, punches, shoves, takedowns, Mace, Tasers or other forms of muscle — nearly 60 percent of the time the person subject to that force is black. And that is according to the city’s own figures.
Since 2015, the Minneapolis police have documented using force about 11,500 times. For at least 6,650 acts of force, the subject of that force was black.

By comparison, the police have used force about 2,750 times against white people, who make up about 60 percent of the population.

All of that means that the police in Minneapolis used force against black people at a rate at least seven times that of white people during the past five years.
"Minnesota nice", my ass.

This is a part of what is going on in the streets the last few days. Brutality against black people by the police is still acceptable to a lot of people. Policing directed against minorities is still acceptable.

This shit has been going on for a long time.

And people are fed up.


B said...

Fighting back against the police is another factor.

Doing more crime, leading to more interactions is another.

Whites (and Hispanics, and Asians) do less of both.

But that doesn't fit the meme, does it?

Not saying that the racism isn't there, mind you. But how one acts during the stop (or subsequent arrest, if it gets to that) determines greatly how things go.

dinthebeast said...

Obama reminded us yesterday that those deciding on policing policy were elected officials and could be voted out in favor of those who make better policy if we educate ourselves as to who they are, what their policies are, and then actually vote.
That is one reason I support voting by mail: if you have your ballots in your living room and all the time you need to mark them, you are more likely to get on your computer and find out about down ballot races for real. You'll make better decisions, and as we see, those decisions are important as many of those races are decided by relatively few votes.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

CenterPuke88 said...

Let’s ask a few questions, B.

If a black person is given a harsher sentence for the same crime, as borne out by data, does that not call into question your basic assumption? If police search the vehicle of black drivers at twice the rate of white drivers, but find reason for arrest half the time, how does that square with your assumption? If a series of towns with large black populations, and their more integrated neighbors, issue tickets and fines (that often elevate to arrest because of failure to pay) at a higher rate to black than white drivers, how does that change your statistics?

When the system is set up to put a criminal record on a person’s of a particular race, to keep them in line, and in their place, how can you honestly say anyone is more likely to offend?

B said...

D: An interesting point about Mail in Votes.

If you could overcome the (many ) opportunities for vote fraud that Mail in Votes (as currently implemented)make possible, I think that your point is a good reason for it.

CP: You may be right, but that is not a POLICE issue, but rather a prosecutorial (and court) issue.

I would doubt your other statements about rates of search and arrest, as they have not shown to be true if not cherry picked statistics.
Perhaps the tickets and fines are....earned? (I know you don't like the thought, but our fellow citizens with more melinin (at least a portion of them) are less law abiding than other, portions with less melain). I get arrested if I have a warrant or if I don't pay the fine, my car gets towed, same as any other person, no matter what our ancestry. If the folks with an african ancestry fail to pay their fines, or show up for court, then that isn't racism when they get arrested.

Wanna know how not to have a criminal record? (hint) Don't be a criminal. Whites and other races seem to understand that. You blame the lawmakers and the law enforcers for that, rather than the law breakers. Why is that? Why do you have such overwhelming White Guilt?

Or do you think, like most racist liberals, that Black people can't discern Right from Wrong?

Comrade Misfit said...

Do try to be civil. This is my space, sort of. I'm liberal. If you're calling me a racist, B, then I refer you to the words below "Leave your comment".

There's a smaliish city not far north of here. Like most places, the cops are required to collect data on their traffic stops-- age, gender, ethnicity/race of the drivers and so on. What they found is that, at night, there is no racial disparity in traffic stops. During the day, the cops stop black and Latino driver far more frequently.

From what I've seen, where such data exists, the numbers are telling. We have a systemic problem in this country.

Dark Avenger said...

How do you feel about this “stop”, B

B said...

DA: WE can find examples on both sides of racism.

Doesn;t mean it it systemic.

Comrade: I merely pointed out that many liberals think that black people can't determine Right from Wrong. This is indeed racism, when they think less of one group. I believe they CAN tell the difference. I hold everyone to the same standard. I believe that we are equal in intelligence, just some folks have different value systems that makes them a bad fit for Society, leading to unequal rates of punishment and enforcement. If you believe that they are lesser or unable to thinka s well as we can, then you have a reason to be ashamed. If not, then it is not (should not be, anyway) an insult to you.

Funny how that word, "Racist" offends you, but you allow it to be used against conservatives in general (and you even use it yourself) with no real proof. I simply applied your standards.
Different when the shoe is on the other foot, innit?

However, if my comment offended you, then I will apologize.

dinthebeast said...

My ballots have my voter registration number on them along with a bar code identifying them as mine. The envelope I mail them in has my signature on it, and won't be counted unless that signature matches the one they have on file from my state issued ID. The amount of forgery that would be involved in faking one of those ballots for the net result of casting one illegitimate vote while risking felony charges is still not the security part, which is the fact that I have to be on the goddamn voter rolls in the first place to get my vote counted. Forging a mail in ballot won't do any good without a forged registration on the rolls. And don't give me any BS about forged registrations, undocumented registrations or any other fiction you have heard in your propaganda. The total number of illegitimate votes is vanishingly small and most election fraud is typically committed by Republicans, such as Donald J. Trump who tried to register in Florida with an out of state address, but instead of being jailed for it as other have been, he was allowed to resubmit non-fraudulent documents to register at the address he has an agreement not to reside at with the local government.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Dark Avenger said...

Yeah, B, it’s just a coincidence that there’s all the cops caught on tape killing AAs. No racism involved, no siree Bob!

If voting by mail is such an opportunity for fraud, why is it okay for Trump, and the current head of the RNC to vote that way?

Comrade Misfit said...

B, allow me to refresh your memory. I have cracked down on other commentators who have directed nasty comments at you. One was told to either straighten up or go away.

I expect a level of civility to all commentators. You know where I stand politically. If you were to say "Jewish white lesbians are racists" but then say "but I don't mean you, CM", I'd drop the banhammer on you nonetheless.

You have your own blog. I'm not going to complain, there, if you say such things. Your blog, your rules.

B said...

D: IF that were the way all vote by mail were done, then I'd approve.

Sadly, it isn't that way everywhere.

I'd show you, but you'll reject any sources I post, so try using Goggle to see what I mean.

Ms. Misfit. Again, if I painted with too broad a brush, I apologize.

Having said that, you might think about that next time you pick up that brush yourself.

I cannot see where I was uncivil to anyone on this thread, but I will try to be more careful in the future.

Dark Avenger said...

B, if you can’t be arsed to even define the search terms on “Goggle” I should use to find the “truth” about voting by mail, why shouldn’t you at least answer my questions without the equivalent of a vague hand waving?

B said...

DA: So you don't care to find out if you know the truth? You reject anything I post as an example, but you won't bother to look for yourself....and the best excuse you can come up with is a typo as a reason not to?

Take off your blinders, man.


The method you have described is an excellent implementation. It will minimize fraud to an acceptable level. If you bother to look, you will find that most mail-in voting schemes are not so well thought out.

I'd support the method you have described. I think your points are excellent as to why it is a good idea to have mail in voting.

Dark Avenger said...

Give me some specific search terms first. You have provided not a scintilla of evidence for your claims, aside from grumpy responses.

Strike Two.

0_0 said...

Vote? Vote for who?

The asshole cops are adept at using collective bargaining policies meant to protect workers from capricious and retaliatory actions.

My employer, the City and County of SF, prides itself on being progressive and labor supporting. But the Democratic politicians (ALL of them, here) want the union endorsements and votes, so they are soft in negotiations. Republicans rarely count on union endorsements.

Is it the President and Senate enabling police violence?

Saying "Vote!" is not helpful.