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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Caturday Yahrzeit

It's been a year since Jake passed.

"Stay thirsty, my friends."

Make no mistake, I was pretty well crushed by his passing and writing this is causing me a little sadness. But he had a good life, at least, most of it. Jake was a stray, maybe dumped, yet he seemed as though his previous family did love him. He was 20 when he passed and that's a very long lifespan for a cat. It was his time when he left and I am at peace with that. (And I won't deny that Chip has helped.)

His memory is a blessing for me, at least.

(And George passed five years ago, the day after tomorrow.)


deadstick said...

Must be something in my eye...

Anonymous said...

Miss my triple set - Tessa, Caroline, and Mystery. It was like someone ripped off my limbs one at a time. Now we borrow my son's dog a couple of days a week for a sleep over. A close second as she's a very loving puggle.

Damn - something in both eyes.