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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Traveling Whilst Muslim

As a musician, Mohammed Fairouz travels to other countries frequently.

Usually, there’s no problem.

But recently, after getting off an eight-hour flight from London, immigration officials at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York stopped him, Fairouz said. He was told to go into a room, where he stayed for several hours without knowing why he was there.

Fairouz, an American who was born in the United Arab Emirates, told The Washington Post that he was given no reason for his detention, other than his Muslim name.
Apparently, Mohammed Fairouz is a very common name. Which means jack point shit. I've not heard of Customs goons detaining men named John Smith or Robert Brown because their names are common.


dinthebeast said...

On the other hand, if your name is Jose Garcia there was a high probability that you got purged from the voter rolls because someone in another state also had that name...

-Doug in Oakland

tweell said...

Eh, don't chalk up to malevolence that which can be explained by incompetence, and that goes double for TSA goons. Remember, they stopped 86 year old Joe Foss, retired general and governor, and claimed his Medal of Honor was a weapon and should be confiscated.

B said...

One need not have graduated high school to be a TSA agent. The bar is very very low education and IQ wise......

On the other hand, this might have been (likely was) CBP, who does have a somewhat higher bar for education and intelligence.

One would ask WHY he was detained, and especially why for so long?

Sadly, I won't sign up for the Post for the money they want for their shoddy journalism so I can't read the article in full.

But I'd like to know more details before judging....

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were trying to figure out which Mohammed Fairouz he was. Since he has a common name, there might be another Mohammed Fairouz or someone using that name who is on their watch list.


Comrade Misfit said...

Al, I'd be willing to bet that Mr. Fairouz was in the Global Entry Program.

Which doesn't seem to matter squat if you've got a Mooozlim-sounding name.

dinthebeast said...

" CBP, who does have a somewhat higher bar for education and intelligence."

I hope not:


-Doug in Oakland