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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Teleslime Should Not Piss Off Their IT Folks

Or this can happen:

You can't say that fair warning wasn't given.

(I've covered the number in case whomsoever did that is still on the job.)


Leo Knight said...

Last night, I got a call from an unknown number. The exchange was, I kid you not, 555! I thought I was in a movie!

hans said...

I sometimes get calls from my own number

deadstick said...

And since they're all robocalls now, you don't get the little pleasure of insulting them...;-(

A. Nonny Mouse said...

A friend swears by Nomorobo. It's free, it works well, but it doesn't work with regular copper landlines.

If you have a VoIP-based "landline" service that offers "simultaneous ring", such as FiOS, you designate Nomorobo's number as the one that receives calls in parallel with your regular phones. If the call matches their database of robocalls, they pick up and hang up, so you only get one ring.

You can choose to allow political robocalls while blocking others. And it lets through legitimate "personal" robocalls such as doctor appointment and prescription reminders.

From PCMag's review: "Nomorobo is a free service. The company behind it—Telephone Science—makes its money from providing its database of robocalling numbers to carriers like Ooma Premier and Sonic, which use it as part their own robocall-blocking service."