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Monday, April 10, 2017

Dear CBS: Fuck You

Just so I'm clear on this: CBS wants me to pay them directly to watch a show that should have been on my local channel last night, if they had done the usual sports shits and just bumped the entire lineup back an hour.

And for what? Golf? A sport that makes soccer look exciting?

Fuck you, CBS.


JEG43 said...

Yeah but they're replacing Phil Sims. . .

Sam240 said...

"Golf? A sport that makes soccer look exciting?"

From my viewpoint, soccer is exciting - it's my favorite sport to watch. Team handball is a close number two. To be fair, I put golf close to the bottom.

However, there are sports even more boring than golf. Let's see how many I can think of, from slightly more boring to undiluted tedium:

*Synchronized swimming
*Pistol shooting
*Stock Car Racing
*American Football.

Comrade Misfit said...

It's late. Watching a Bullseye match would be like watching paint dry.

Never heard of Korfball.

Stock Car Racing is a good sport if you're hammered. See Jeff Dunham's routine for that.