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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Nunes is Out

I'm in class, so no links. 

House intel chair Devin Nunes stepped aside because, as he put it, he did nothing wrong. 


B said...

Or the hue and cry from folks like yourself was to the point where it got in the way of him doing his job.

Y'all should be glad that the Republicans didn't go to this lenght with Barry's folks, or he'd have been even more ineffective and useless.

bmq215 said...

Yeah, B. What with Lindsay Graham (R-SC) likening him to Inspector Clouseau, Walter Jones (R-NC) calling for him to recuse himself, Charlie Dent (R-PA) suggesting that he's not cooperating with the rest of the committee, and Susan Brooks (R-IN) announcing that the House ethics committee is investigating him it definitely sounds like this rests squarely on the shoulders of the Dems. I suppose Trump's healthcare plan crashing and burning is their fault as well?

B said...

No, more like this:


That's the crap I was referring to.

And, it turns out, Nunes was exactly right.

But that doesn't matter in today's environment.
Just the outrage of the day.

Comrade Misfit said...

Gee, B, have you forgotten the eighty-five or so Benghazi investigations that ended up finding absolutely nothing? Or the glee of Darryl Issa, among others, who were investigating anything they possibly could and found nothing in six years?

Do not preach to me about the righteousness of the Republicans.

CenterPuke88 said...

He can't help it, it's a reflex...like quashing Democrat nominees.

B said...

The Benghazi investigations that whitewashed Hillary?

Yah, I haven't forgotten them.

She lied, she ignored requests for more security, she blamed the riots on some poor schmoe who did a youtube video...those investigations? The ones that went nowhere because she was supposed to be the next president?

Yeah, I remember those.

I don't think the Republicans have any righteousness...But lets not forget that the DNC folks use cheap and dirtier tricks and have terrible double standards when it comes to behavior. (although the Republicans are learning from them....very quickly....and it isn't gonna end well)

dinthebeast said...

So who do we get now? Conaway? Is he any better, really? I hope he is, but I fear that he's just as insane and slightly less stupid than Nunes (who should really be stood in a corner and watered twice weekly)and better at lying into a camera.
So hiring Mexican soap opera stars for political rallies is just the same as a cyber attack and propaganda operation by a hostile government? Really?

-Doug in Oakland

MarkS said...

I don't know if the Tu Quoque/SQUIRREL!/shiny object diversionary tactics of the Rs will work indefinitely, but I fear that they will given my interactions with my fellow citizens. Nunes lost reflectivity & is now being replaced with fresh new shiny objects. Nothing to see here...