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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


ANZAC Day today commemorates the 102nd Anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli. Though, in truth, we probably should be calling ti the Battle of Çanakkale, because the Turks prevailed.

56,000 soldiers of the French and British Empires died, as well as a roughly equal number of soldiers from the Ottoman Empire.

In a more just world, a few general officers would have been shot afterwards.

Anyway, a past post, with links to others.


Stewart Dean said...

As I've seen it go down in the corporate world, after every defeat, they pin medals on the generals and shoot the soldiers.

Tod Germanica said...

Not to mention the naval losses.
1 battlecruiser heavily damaged
3 pre-dreadnoughts sunk
3 pre-dreadnoughts heavily damaged
1 cruiser damaged
700 killed (ship crews on March 18)

Ten Bears said...

During my tour we had a solution to the officer problem. Officers kinda' frowned on it, tended to prosecute the application.

Old NFO said...

Pretty much an entire generation of men, gone in a very short period of time...

Murphy's Law said...

I've got a couple of old #1 Mk3 Enfields that might have been there or at least in the neighborhood.