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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Nothing Like Demoing an Airplane Right Into a Crash

An Icon A5 light sport aircraft partially sank into the ocean off Biscayne National Park in Miami on Saturday afternoon after a landing mishap, according to the Flight Safety Foundation's Aviation Safety Network. Both the pilot and passenger escaped unhurt and did not require medical attention, fire officials told the local ABC-10 News. The aircraft sustained substantial damage, according to ASN. An Icon pilot was flying the airplane, with a customer on board for a demo ride, CEO Kirk Hawkins told AVweb on Monday morning.
I'm skeptical of Icon. First there was their infamous "you can't never sue us" sales agreement. They then laid off a significant fraction of their production staff amid left-handed admissions of quality problems.

Between Icon's general attitude of being the first LSA manufacturer to mandate a FDR, its insistence that CFIs be Icon-certified, that all maintenance be done in Icon-approved shops, that anyone who buys a used Icon agree to ratify the original sales agreement, I would respectfully suggest that anyone who buys an Icon A5 is automatically qualified to receive an embossed certificate to certify that the purchaser of an Icon A5 officially has more money than brains.

Or they can just be given a sign.


D. said...


Not all scams, eh?

(Also, that Engvall guy is hysterical. Apparently about five minutes in I was coughing too hard to laugh.)

Nangleator said...

Cute little fucker, though.