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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I use a stainless-steel triwall thermos to take coffee to work. It holds about 12oz.

I thought it was fairly clean. But following a tip that I saw elsewhere, I squirted in some dishwashing machine soap and then filled it up with boiling hot water. I let it sit for 30 minutes and then poured it out.

Sheets of brown gunk came out. The inside looked mostly sparkling clean. After a second try, it was.

(It'll also work with powder or a pod. Not sure if it'll work with handwashing soap. )


cannon said...

you washed the "seasoning" off...like the seasoning on a cast iron skillet.be sure you rinse real well after using soap, or your first cup of coffee will taste like the soap you used

Iron City said...

Long time ago was in a Navy coffee mess that used a PouroMatic that I swear Admiral Dewey must have had a Manila Bay. The mess manager (the only retired ensign I ever met (but that's another sea story) was on TDY and we were left to our own devices. Someone being helpful poured a carafe of plain water through the thing without putting a filter and coffee in. Those of us drinking it allowed that it tasted rather better than the usual product and it was only a little lighter in color. The stuff people drink and live to tell about it.

deadstick said...

the only retired ensign I ever met

I know of one other...there was PTSD involved.

B said...

Believe it or not, use rubbing alcohol to deep clean a stainless thermos.

(Rinse well 3 times and air out afterwards).

You'll be surprised what comes out.

J4rh34d said...

Since our dishwasher is bipedal, I don't want to use their liquid. Instead, I use a tablespoon or two of one of the "oxy" detergent boosters with the boiling water. The main ingredient is sodium percarbonate, 2 Na2CO3•3 H2O2, which breaks down into washing soda and hydrogen peroxide. Degrease and bleach at the same time.

Yogi said...

I have a thermos that I bought in 1983. Still works fine, except the wanky stopper is still wanky and leaks a little. It's been run over by a Cat D-8, dropped from a motorcycle, left full of coffee for about 18 months at one point. Just broke it out the other day, and rinsed it well, filled it up and was still enjoying hot coffee some 5 hours later.

Never have cleaned that thermos with anything but hot water and occasional dish soap. Now I think I'm going to give it a shot.

Comrade Misfit said...

Yogi, if it's a glass-walled Thermos, I don't know if any of this stuf works on that.


Ten Bears said...

First thing I thought of: the morning thirty some years ago when a CAT 528 long-frame rubber tire log skidder dropped the dozer down on my two quart Stanley. Kept (about a quart of) stuff hot for years afterwards, still knocking around the barn somewhere.

Marc said...

Captain directed me to clean and set up the coffee maker. Not being familiar with the whole coffee process, I scrubbed that sucker shiny clean, and properly rinsed it. Following directions written down for the proper amount of coffee to use to brew, I proceeded to make the first offering from the newly cleanse brewer. Captain decided I was not to be trusted making coffee again, particularly since I didn't drink the stuff.

Yogi said...

No, it's stainless, one of the earlier ones. I think the glass one would have broken when I forgot it on the tracks of a bulldozer and had to dig it out of the dirt at the end of shift.