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Friday, April 7, 2017

Mapping Apps

I had to travel for a continuing edumacation class yesterday. On an elderly iPhone, I used Apple maps going up and Google maps coming back.

Both seemed to do the job, but my phone used a hell of lot more power for Google maps. The phone case got rather warm to the touch.

I had to go off route in the morning because of traffic that was so bad, the off-ramp was jammed from one highway. Apple maps didn't send me the wrong way down one-way streets, which is always a plus.

Anyone have an idea why the difference in power usage for the two apps?

UPDATED to add: Both times, the phone was plugged into the car's electrical system.


Eck! said...

To do that requires GPS operational, The network for the raw maps, some embedded web
stuff to communicate that and maybe update he maps for traffic, and full bore cpu to put it all together and paint it on the screen. The only way to increase the workload is to be talking on it as well using a bluetooth headset.

A new phone with more cpu might do better but there is a 40 pound battery you can tap in the car and a vent to put it in from of.


CenterPuke88 said...

A little digging around revealed the following:

1) Apple Maps uses more data, about 25-35% more.

2) Google Maps uses more power due to more bells and whistles.

3) Google Maps and Waze return similar trip times in the real world, and are both as much as 25% faster (better traffic data?) on shorter trips.

4) Apple Maps was better Public Transportation options and data.

5) Both show similar amounts of "points of interest", however only about 15% of those overlap between Apple and Google Maps.

6) Waze is owned by Alphabet, but operates independently of Google Maps.

All this data is from 2016, your mileage may vary

Pretzelogic in Philly, PA said...

Might it be possible that Google Maps, as a non-native app in the Apple environment, requires more CPU activity to translate it's code?

Dark Avenger said...

Google Maps runs fine in Safari on my steam-driven but iOS-up-to-date iPad,