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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Hits Keep Coming for United

Guy buys a full-fare, first-class ticked on United from Honolulu to LAX. He's on board the airplane, in his seat, when they tried to kick him off because "somebody more important" needed the seat. They threatened to drag him off the airplane in handcuffs, but ended putting him in a middle seat between a married couple that fought the entire flight.

A week later, after he complained, UAL offered to refund the difference in fares between first-class and steerage and to give him a $500 voucher.

United is apparently willing to fuck over rich white guys, as well.

United doesn't seem to think that it carries customers. No, they have the attitude that they carry either livestock or criminals.

I know that there are a lot of pundits who think that this stuff won't matter much. But I disagree. When people start to believe, in numbers, that flying United will be akin to flying Spirit or Frontier, then they will have to cut their fares accordingly in order to stay afloat.

For you know that rich white dudes who can afford a kilobuck or better for a six-hour flight will find other choices.

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CenterPuke88 said...

United owns 20% of the China-US market flights, and was expanding into China to increase business, seeing it as the future. Now, United is viewed (wrongly or not) as racist against Chinese, and the outrage over there tops the outrage in the US. United just literally shit in their rice bowl, their big future market has been lost for years to come, because the Chinese consumer will not forget this.

As for this new First-Class story, holy cow! Who would pay for a First-Class ticket on United now? You shell out $1000 for a ticket and get kicked into steerage and have to fight just to get any compensation from United.

We got a 7 hour delay outta SFO last year, and by the time we landed, American had given us all 8,000 AAdvantage miles as an apology. Granted, that cash value is only about $80, but it took no action by the passengers for the airline to just do it. A complaint letter generated another $200 voucher each, since it outlined clear missteps...but even then, the American Staff did everything they could at SFO to make things as right as they could, and beat no passengers.