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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

96% of Trump Voters

They'd vote for him again if the election were held again, today.

Well, no fucking shit. Why are people so amazed at that statistic? Have they forgotten what the choice was?


Sport Pilot said...

True. I sat out elections in the past because I couldn't stand either candidate. I couldn't stand either candidate in this election either but HRC horrified me more then the chubby cheeked guy with tiny hands did.

B said...

Indeed. You are exactly right.

If the choice were again, Hillary and The Donald.....I'd choose the Trump.

If threre were any decent candidates, he'da lost.

There weren't. SO we got to pick the lesser of the two weasels.

Tod Germanica said...

That's the trouble with democracy, you can't fix stupid, though in this case the looser was more popular, so not really a democracy at all by millions of votes. And still less democratic if trump and the gop get their way.

Mike R said...

Trump might be a least weasel, but he sure isn't the lesser of two evils on any scale that is readily apparent. I apologize to the Mustela nivalis for the comparison.

Thomas Ten Bears said...

Frankly I find the downticket votes more important than the puppets, and though in past elections have wrote in such luminaries as Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck this go'round I was as truthful as could be in writing in None of the Above.

Stewart Dean said...

And if that lesser of two evils who can't (and wouldn't...it's beneath him) tie his own shoes gets us in a real war and is "advised" by the clueless? Just how righteous will your Trump vote be then?
Think the Cuban Missile Crisis with the Keystone Kops in the White House. Would you want Trump and Spicer and Perry and Pruit and all the other swamp creatures sending you into battle?
I'd always chose competence and intelligence over the sort of gaping cloacal void of someone like Trump. And I'd say that Clinton is substantially less corrupt/meretricious/lying/cheating than Trump. There's been a lot of talk about brimstone, a lot of proof by endless assertion. It doesn't make it true. Or Trump fit or competent to be President. Voting Trump may have been a dandy fuck-you vote, but there are consequences. And they are no adults in the White House to save you from those consequences....just two-bit operatives and knee-breakers whose M.O. is Fiona's "It's Best to Shoot it, Just in Case"