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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Damn the Democratic Party.
Damn Everyone Who Won't Damn the Democratic Party.
Damn Everyone Who Won't Sit Up All Night, Damning the Democratic Party.

In an election cycle in which the Republicans nominated their most beatable candidate since Alf Landon, something that was fairly clear since February, you had to nominate Hillary Rodham Fucking Clinton.

How good a candidate was Clinton? She had more baggage than the Queen Mary 2. Vilified by the Right since the 1980s, Clinton's reputation was of one of the most secretive and untrustworthy politicians since Richard Nixon. Two years before the election, it was clear to the most casual observer that she had more negatives than the Life Magazine photo archive. But no, the party couldn't see that. Led by Debbie Wasserman Schulz, a hardcore Clinton ally, the party did everything possible to ensure that Clinton would not see any competition for the nomination. When a challenger did arise, the party elites did everything possible to hamstring him.

So, Democratic elites, this is, in part, on you.

America has given a large "fuck you" to the rest of the world and global stability will weaken, if not collapse outright. Expect the Chinese and the Russians to move to expand their spheres of influences. By mid-2017, don't be surprised if the Russians have Ukraine or the Baltics and that the South China Sea has become, de facto, Chinese waters. We've elected a man who has no concept of honoring agreements. His entire business career has been a pattern of breaking his word and sticking others with the bill. The leaders of other nations, if they don't know this already, will be briefed on that by their respective intelligence services before the week is out. They will know that America's word is no longer any good, that only a fool will rely on past American assurances or treaties in the event of a conflict.

In short, the American nuclear umbrella will be furled.

Do not be astonished if the number of nuclear nations increases by at least two by 2020, with South Korea and Japan topping the probables list. It's not too far-fetched to suppose that Mexico may begin to arm and train its military for doing more traditional tasks than acting as an internal security force. In doing that, Mexico may look for a counterweight ally; basing rights may be granted in Mexican ports and military airports may be constructed.

At home, we've chosen a man to be president who based his campaign on misogyny, racism, antisemitism and xenophobia, appealing to the worst in Americans. Expect that the racist hate groups will begin to take actions on the belief that the Trump Administration* will turn a blind eye to such things.

If you're a member of any sort of minority, life is about to get harder. If you're Muslim, wager that Trump's promise to be "a president for all Americans" doesn't include you.

And finally, if you voted in this election, do not be overly shocked if you don't soon have another opportunity to cast your ballot.
* I just threw up in my mouth.


CenterPuke88 said...

No bet, add Germany and Saudi Arabia to your list. I'd expect the South Koreans to beat the Germans, barely, with the Japanese close behind. The Saudi's will get theirs bankrolling someone else's.

Aaron said...

Two of the worst possible candidates were running for president and one won.

May your worries turn out to be overblown, but sadly some of your predictions will likely be right no matter which of the two of them had won the election (eg nuclear nations - Iran).

Anonymous said...

QE2? Don't you mean Titanic?

Anonymous said...

Jack the Cold Warrior comments:

At this minute, HRC is leading Trump by several hundred thousand votes. Since most uncounted votes are coming from the deep blue west coast, that will probably be the final result.

Trump lost the popular vote. The very flawed girl beat him. He's a LOSER.

But he will still be President, due to the quaint Electoral College that gives small states an outsized influence.

In the Hereafter, the founding fathers are probably feeling very stupid. Their fear of Mob democracy may signal disaster for the nation they formed.

I know my also passed WWII veteran father, mother, uncles, and Nam vet older brother are saying "WHAT THE FUCK" up in heaven.

You are so very right, this will not go well.

Meanwhile, I wish I had the money to take all my loved ones to live in New Zealand for the next 4 years. Or until Trumps impeached and removed from office.

The better to avoid the worst of the fallout from the Northern Hemisphere.

Comrade Misfit said...

Anon 9:14- QM2. A "superliner".

Anon 11:06, only two Republicans haves won the popular vote in the last 30 years: Bush I in `88 and Bush II in `04. Matters not a fuck. It'll never be fixed, short of a revolution. For obvious reasons, if you look at what it takes to amend the Constitution.

Comrade Misfit said...

CP88, because nothing enhances global stability like the Germans and the Japanese with nuclear weapons.

deadstick said...

eb, it doesn't take a constitutional amendment: the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would do it. Still not easy, but easier than an amendment.

Alan Simpson said...

They will know that America's word is no longer any good, that only a fool will rely on past American assurances or treaties in the event of a conflict.

It hasn't been good since Obama took office.
I'm not sure trump will make it worse since he might listen to his advisors

CenterPuke88 said...

I'd be more interested in the calculations by the governments involved in the following nuclear face-offs:

North Korea (and a downwind China) vs. South Korea and Japan (who don't trust each other anyway)

Israel vs. Iran vs. Saudi Arabia

Russia vs UK/France/Germany

As a bonus point, the Poles will be nuclear within 5 years if the Russians and Germans both have nukes.

Judy said...

Alan Simpson - The US government's word hasn't been good since, oh about, 1794. Just ask any Native American.

Ed said...

I want to thank Obama for destroying the Democratic party.