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Friday, November 11, 2016

One Upside to the Election

The prices for guns and ammunition may drop a bit.

I suspect that the firearms and ammunition companies have been ramping up production, in anticipation of trying to meet the demand as people sought to stock up prior to a Clinton presidency. There will likely be some good sales in the coming weeks and months.


w3ski said...

I m in ca and as I understand it, I have to get a "card" now to buy ammo? WTF?
And almost worse they took away the bags at the grocery store!
Now it's "put it back in the cart" and then dump my groceries in the bed of our pickup.
Mark my words "there is going to be a lot of spilt milk over that move".

CenterPuke88 said...

Eh, I wouldn't mind a reduction in bags. I've got enough reuseable bags in my car, the hitch is always remembering them. Interestingly, the stores have picked it up here with "Do you have your bags?" signs in the lot. Perhaps the better choice would be a nickel a bag if you need a bad.

Ammo cards, eh? I knew Cali had ramped it up, but not to that point. Now, since you have to be old enough to buy spray paint, I understand an age check for ammo purchase. I guess it's one way to check that "unstable" people don't get ammo, but with the history of the difficulties making licenses available fairly in Cali, that seems a poor choice (and that comes from someone in favor of some actions).

Dark Avenger said...

More guns left around the house for toddlers to shoot themselves with, more guns for white devils to deliberately do the same, what's not to like?

thinkingman said...

Dark Avenger-
Sounds like you are needed in Chicago to instruct ; seems the brothers are still killing one another; it seems that this is what they really want to do. Maybe you are a bit out of touch?

Tod Germanica said...

No card needed yet, I bought 9mm fmj on sale $15.99 for the FEG HiPower clone; not on sale .25 cal.fmj to feed the Colt Jr. Cost me $25-yikes...too fiddly to reload though. Card or not, always a good time to stock up, we're a Red Country now-yee haw!

3383 said...

Basically, when the laws come into effect (Jan 1?), buying ammo will be very similar to buying a firearm here in Cali.
It isn't an age check. You have to get a permit (not free, I'm sure) to buy or sell ammunition. So Wal-Mart may not sell it anymore and we'll have to go to smaller, higher margin sellers. Can't bring it in from out of state, either.
There are already too many firearm restrictions in California (look them up).
This was my major reason to vote for Trump. I want the Supreme Court to overturn this shit. Without overturning civil liberty and environmental protections.

CenterPuke88 said...

"I want the Supreme Court to overturn his shit. Without overturning civil liberty and environmental protections."

Well, you're about to find just how shit outta luck you were with that vote. Two outta three ain't bad mean anything to you?

Joe said...

Amen, CP. Being a single-issue voter* gives you amazing clout in our system, but ultimately you end up with only one good thing in your life.

*Except that for some reason this time the NRA supported the guy who explicitly said he'd allow cops to stop and frisk and seize any gun they found.

Dark Avenger said...

Yes, it's true that African-Americans in Chicago and elsewhere in Amurika kill each other with guns, but the White Devil Americans shoot themselves more than they shoot each other, and I am definiteltely in favor of the latter.

What have white people done for you, lately?

Robert Fowler said...

Anonymous 3383 said...
There are already too many firearm restrictions in California (look them up).

The ATF sent me a book covering state laws in all 50 states. The section for California takes up almost 100 pages. I did a custom order of some Sig P250's for the National Guard guys a few years ago. A friend of mine was their CO. Two members of their unit were from Cali. Before I could ship their handguns, I had to get with their receiving dealer and get a permit from the state. The permit was free and their dealer was a great help, but it still took me over a week to get it. It was a real shock to the system for a small time dealer in Iowa.

I can see a lot of people in the near future going to AZ and NV and buying ammo and keeping their mouths shut.

Anonymous said...

Well, some of us have been buying ahead so we have some time to allow Prop 63 to be overturned...