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Friday, November 11, 2016

One Possible Change?

My guess is that Harriet Tubman will not be on the $20.

Trump will choose to have Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on the $20. Forrest, you may recall, was the founder of the Klan.

Anyone who can photoshop it, feel free to send it to me. My email is on the right side of the page, down towards the bottom. Full credit will be given. I'll leave it up to you whether to use images of Forrest in is Civil War uniform or Klan robes.


Anonymous said...

"Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on the $20"

Now there is an idea I can get behind.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Why whould Trump want that loser? He lost? Trump is about winning. Yuge win. Forrest? Sad.

Trump was only a 'racist' from about this time last year. Don't worry.

Paul Wartenberg said...

hilariously enough, Forrest quit the Klan when they proved too violent even for HIS tastes.

And I'm not saying this as an apologist for any Confederate general SOB like Forrest. It's just one of those weird twists in history that make you realize that things can get worse.

No. I guarantee you the guy on the $20 is going to be Reagan. Remember, they tried getting him on the tenner a decade or so ago.

Aaron said...

I can't see Trump putting Bedford Forrest, another Democrat on our money. Just sayin'.

The New York Crank said...

I doubt Trump will put Forrest on a $20 bill because I don't think he has a clue who Forrest was.

But let's talk about the $10 bill. He might show his, umm, feminist side by replacing Alexander Hamilton with Melania Trump. Hey, it makes sense. The bill's a 10 and so is she. Therefore logic dictates.

Just sayin'.

Yours crankily,

The New York Crank

Old NFO said...

Can't stand it that you lost, can you? And not even bothering to remember Veteran's Day? Thank you for your service.

3383 said...

Jackson will stay on the 20.

NYC, that's pretty funny. Topless Melania or today's Melania?

Old NFO, if you are addressing the Comrade, we all lost during primary season and she may feel that a veteran shouldn't thank herself and others. Or maybe Friday threw her off.

B said...

I'm saddened by her loss of rationality...She always had Trump Derangement Syndrome, but now that Hillary has lost, her rationality has apparently gone too.

Likely, Trump won't do anything with our money. He'll just leave it alone.

I'm trying to see how she got to NBF from Trump. Kind of a serious leap there. But it fits with the "Trump is a Racist" meme, even though that meme has no basis in reality....it was made up by the DNC to keep the blacks from voting for him.

Comrade: Get help. Seriously.

BadTux said...

Yeah, like we shouldn't expect Donald Trump to do all the things he promised to do, like jail his political opponents, abolish the EPA, ban Muslims, abolish the space program, shut down the parts of the Internet that "support terrorism" (what, Facebook?!), etc., 'cause he's actually a fluffy kitten.

Well, maybe so, but I'm going to take him at his word until he proves otherwise. If he isn't going to do those things, why did he promise to do'em?