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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I went to the range the other night for some long-overdue target practice. I stay away from the ranges from about three weeks before whitetail season begins and its end. The ranges are often chock-a-block with Cletii sighting in their rifles, often to comical extent. I'm told that there was one gent shooting his new flattop AR, at least until the range safety officer saw that he had yet to attach any type of sights and invited that particular Cletus to go shoot somewhere else.

The range sells 25 yard timed/rapid-fire targets. I have a bunch of 25 yard slow-fire targets, but I forgot to bring any. They had 50' slow-fire targets. The ten-ring is about the size of an aspirin tablet, or so it seemed. I was able to barely break 80 with my Model 17 and I felt pretty good about that.

And I'm kinda sorta on the hunt for another revolver. I'm thinking N-frame, maybe a Model 28 or a Model 20. If I come across a Model 21 or 22, I won't turn my nose up. The pre-war .38/44s and 3rd Model Hand Ejectors are likely too damn pricey.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Target pics!

One thing even you may appreciate about a Trump win. Guns and ammo prices may go down, barring any weirdness. [And I am not counting out weirdness.]

I wonder if a price drop will impact the more collectible items...

Comrade Misfit said...

I mentioned that awhile back. I scored three 555 round bulk boxes of Winchester 36-gr .22s the other day at Wally-Woild for about 5.2 cents/round.

I'm not looking for collectables. A "shooter-grade" one that is finish-challenged and with good timing would be fine. For the right price, I'd even get one that needs to be smithed on.

Tod Germanica said...

.357 is too loud for my tinnitus. Though I'm not really a fan of the .45 ACP-lacks penetration-I sure wish I'd bought a Smith Model 1917 when they were surplus in the 1990s, a great, smooth Indiana Jones kind of revolver, with half and full moon clips for quick loading. Now they're are too expensive. They'll never make anything like that again.

Peter said...

There's a nice Model 28 in a local gunstore. If you're interested, drop me a line and tell me what your budget looks like. I'll see what I can do.