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Monday, November 21, 2016

Fine Whines From Trump

President-elect Donald Trump on Monday told a group of about 25 television executives and anchors that he wants a “cordial” and “productive” relationship with the media, according to one source in the room, but he still aired some grievances during the off-the-record gathering in Trump Tower.

The source said the meeting started with a typical Trump complaint about the “dishonest media,” and that he specifically singled out CNN and NBC News for example as “the worst.”

He also complained about photos of himself that NBC used that he found unflattering, the source said.

Trump turned to NBC News President Deborah Turness at one point, the source said, and told her the network won’t run a nice picture of him, instead choosing “this picture of me,” as he made a face with a double chin. Turness replied that they had a “very nice” picture of him on their website at the moment.
What Trumps wants is a supine media that would never question anything that he says or does, much less point out that he is a serial liar who is shaping up to helm the most corrupt administration in American history (more on that later).

Trump reportedly said that he wants the media to tell "the truth". But Trump wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on one of his short fingers. He lied more during the campaign than the next ten candidates, put together. He lied so much that he had to buy fireproof pants.

The press would well remember the words of advice of H.L. Mencken: "The only way a reporter should look at a politician is down."


B said...

To be fair, he's not wrong about the media.

You aren't wrong about Trump either....

dinthebeast said...

Except maybe that little billion dollars of free air time that won him the primaries without having to spend a dime thingy. Oh, and didn't I read that the ratings bonanza brought CNN back from near death and into profitability? I also heard his presentation at said meeting described as a "twenty minute rant". Manipulating the media may be his top skill, and perhaps he just wanted to rub it in their faces a little.

-Doug in Oakland